Noise from neighbor, what can we do?

paintpantherMarch 26, 2011

It is not my neighbors fault i trully believe it is just this condo was not built to the standard.

Anyways, every morning i wake up to noises from our neighbors like opening the microwave door, pushing buttons on the microwave, putting the coffee cup in the microwave, just all kinds of noise of a normal household grrrrr.

We already have curtains but the window is not where the neighbor is. we do have wood floors and dont want rugs because my cats will destroy them anyways. We are looking into improving the insulation in the wall between the two units. What are these options? i have read about maxiboards, also those noise cancelling foam but still am not sure which is best/most economic approach.

any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance!!

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You may want to read this recent thread for starters...

Here is a link that might be useful: Soundproofing

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Fori is not pleased

(If you do go for rugs for some reason, I found cats don't like hooked rugs--they don't like getting snagged. Of course if they're barfing on it, never mind.)

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Are your neighbours beside or above or below you?

I'm going to assume beside. When they build multi story buildings they often leave a pass way open between units so the trades don't waste time going out into the hall and such all day.

Often this pass through is not buttoned up properly, just drywalled over.

there are all kinds of sound attenuation products available. Some are great for a DIY, some really need a pro.

Easiest would be to cut open any vents or electrical penetrations in the wall and seal them up well, patch and then put another layer of sound deadening drywall over the whole wall. Paint.

Next would be to remove the drywall along the entire wall and use acoustic sealant, sound putty, sound deadening insulation, resisliant channels and sound deadening drywall.

You will never get it all unless it is designed in from the beginning but you can sure cut sound transfer back a lot with the products available.

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