Triple track sliding doors

mileadayMarch 15, 2009

I am changing a small bedroom into a new craft/office/laundry room. I have a ten foot wet wall which will hold the washer, dryer, water softener and water heater. I am considering using a triple track sliding door system to enclose all of them. I assume that the softener and heater can sit back far enough so that the door covering them would be the "back door" and the other two could slide across it when I do the wash. The picture I have in my head is that I can completely expose the washer and dryer all the time if desired and keep all three doors stacked on the right third of the wall. Bifolds or regular hinged doors don't seem to be a good option for the layout because they will block a window and a pathway in and out of the room. Has anyone used a set-up like this? I'm looking for advice before I make any decisions.My husband hates sliders but I don't think he'll be using these very often!

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I have th exact same situation on my do I hide my washer/dryer/slop sink/water heater and water softener. I have not find a tripple track I could go 9 feet and use three 36" wide doors on a doubletrack....Right and Left doors sit on the rear track and Middle door sits on the fron track. I am not sure it would look good though. I am thinking of one or two sets of Vertical blinds...they are not really much more expensive.

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Johnson Hardware has the tracks but I'd like to find someone who has actually used them and pictures would be even better.

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We used triple doors to do the same thing in our master bedroom closet, (about 8.5 ft) We had two really long sliders previously, and bifolds wouldn't work for our room arrangement.

We used standard 8ft interior doors and hung them on the tracks. The company that installed them for us put in an oak base, and the doors hang from tracks on the ceiling. Rather than using the triple track, we used to double tracks that are spaced to hang the 3 doors. (The company that did the installation recommended this approach - they felt it would be stronger - and were concerned that the thickness of regular doors would prevent them from sliding readily.)

One thing we didn't plan for when we did this.., We had to install cross brace 2X4s in the attic, directly above where the tracks are, because the rafters weren't in the right place to attach the tracks securely. The doors wouldn't glide smoothly until we did this. It was a bit of a pain, so I'd be sure that you have a solid way to attach the tracks before you start.

The stack for the triple doors is quite thick, when they are all open. We planned for this, and it is still surprised us. We had to move lighting in the closet to accommodate the tracks.

Definitely like the way that they work and look.

We have a another closet that is similar size that we used 4 doors in, but kept the on a double track. You can have half the closet open at a time. (Either all pushed to one side, or the pairs of doors pushed to each side, and the middle open. We like this configuration as well, and opted for it in that room because the closet was definitely to shallow to accommodate the stack of the 3 doors.

Sorry, I don't have photos...(my ds is gone for the week with the digital camera, so I can't take any)

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Thanks for the info, Queeniebeanie. I'm glad to hear that you are happy with the way the doors work. It is the best solution I can see other than just leaving my washer and dryer sit out in the open. I'll have to get my husband to check into the potential structural issues. How thick is the stack? The info I saw said 5-6 inches for a triple track wchich I don't think will be a problem for me. I'm going to try to do a mock-up in the garage to get a feel for the layout. I'd really appreciate it if you could post some pictures when you have your camera and some free time.

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If you have a gas water heater, withh all doors closed, you are going to need air circulation in the closet. This isn't mechanical, but venting typically top and bottom of the door in front or closest to the unit. Out here a 24 sq.inch vent,(minimum), top 1/3 of the door as well as one placed bottom third of the door for in and out air circulation. You might want to check up with your local authorities to see what is required in your area.

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I'd still consider the vertical blinds...or a double track with 3 doors...which sound like what the poster above essentially did.

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