10 days before demo, feeling nostalgic

EngineerChicMarch 3, 2012

Demo of our existing 2nd floor begins in 10 days and as I empty the space I feel sort of nostalgic for it. I know, the ceilings are low and the bathroom is a WRECK (and super tiny).

And the single pane tiny wooden windows are not great (leaky, and due to the sloping ceilings you have to duck to look outside).

But, darn it if I don't feel some guilt for "hurting" the hardwood floors in the process of fixing all these things. I think that in some ways I will miss the pokey little rooms. Or maybe I'm just becoming a sap in my old age :)

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Naw, you obviously love your house, so it makes total sense you feel this way. Best of luck with the construction.

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I have felt the same way during our demo, especially for the rooms the kids have used, even though they will have much bigger rooms after the construction. Take pictures and even a video to help.

Good luck with the demo.


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Yes, pictures! I'm excited for your transformation, as I anticipate getting to finish ours. But, I am sure I will be in your same boat in about a year. :)

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That's a great point. Take a ton of "Before" pictures. I've been taking pictures of my current kitchen. It's so shabby that I'm not feeling nostalgic at all. Now, if they had the original cabinets from the late 1920s, I might feel differently. Cheap particle board cabinets of mine somehow don't elicit the same response. :-)

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I am doing one of the stupidest things in the name of nostalgia ...

As I was getting everything out I noticed that the little hallway light is kind of pretty. The fixture has seen better days, but the globe is sort of cute in a retro or old-school sort of way. So I removed it, planning to buy a new base for it & have it in the new hallway.

Except - you can't buy that base any longer. I was thinking this would be a $15 item at a big-box store, but the guy who works in that dept says, "Years ago you could buy those, but now they don't sell them, just the replacement globes. You'd have to buy a whole new fixture." I checked the local hardware store - nope. They have new (less attractive) globes in the same size - but not with this pattern.

Guess who DOES have a fixture that will fit? Schoolhouse Electric. For $99!

I'm about to spend $100 on a fixture to be able to reuse a globe that was probably super-cheap back in the mid-sixties when it was installed. We haven't heard the first hammer swing and I've already started to lose my mind, LOL.

But I did just save $15/door on hardware, so it all evens out in the end :)

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