Here is a photo of a quilt I did tacking on.

ritaweedaSeptember 25, 2012

Ok, this quilt was tacked in the middle of each block and at each corner, sorry I don't have a closeup of the tacking.

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It looks great...I can see real advantages to this method in pinch. Very pretty quilt...I'm a sucker for brights w/lots of contrast.

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Looks great. Been meaning to make that pattern for a long time and need to get going on one.

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Great quilt. Love all the colors.

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Rita, both your quilts are very pretty. I'll bet the tacking gives them a much puffier look and feel.

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I just read about that method the other day. Did you find it easier than traditional quilting methods? What stitch did you use... bar tack?

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I picked one of the decorative stitches on this one, but I don't remember which one. This was made for an uncle and it's long gone. I program whatever stitch I choose, then I make sure that I hit the "stop" button right after it starts to sew so that it only sews one stitch. Then I cut the threads and move to the next spot. On the other quilt for the grand-daughter, I just sewed a small circle at each corner of each block. The biggest drawback on this method is that I don't have the automatic thread cutting feature on my machine, which would save a lot of time. As for whether it's easier than traditional quilting, yes, it's easier and faster and takes less thread, but it depends on what kind of look I'm after and whether I'm in a hurry to get it done. That's why I think this is a good method for charity quilts where you want to get it done quickly and without a lot of attention and precision.

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Very pretty!!! I tacked a baby quilt with a machine embroidery stitch and it turned out OK.

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That's a beautiful quilt! TFS.

Best to you,

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Love your quilt Rita! I may have to tack a quilt again. I used to Tack big fat poofy comforters in the 70's. I mean...really Poofy!!!!

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