A shot in the dark question?

jennifer_in_vaSeptember 14, 2011

Does anyone happen to have this book? I'm curious about the contents...

Beautiful Quilts as you Go

Keryn Emerson

thanks, Jennifer

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Kate (& others)

I didn't totally want to highjack the other thread about mid-arm machines, so I wanted to elaborate here.

This is not a book I want to buy..I was more curious about the technique that was covered in it.

There are a number of different QAYG techniques and most of them involve hand stitching the seams together on the back. As most of you know, I don't like doing handwork, so I like a different method which is rarely described anywhere.

There is a QAYG method that doesn't require any hand stitching. You complete the top, make a quilt sandwich of the entire quilt, and then remove some of the batting to reduce bulk while quilting. It can be quilted on a standard machine, or as I've just finished, on a frame. You re-add the batting as you go working in a way that the bulk can be managed.

I've proven it can be done. But I've yet to find a book that explains this method. I'm considering writing a book that uses this method to make large quilts manageable to those of us that can't afford or don't have space for large quilt systems.

The reason I questioned this book is that it's the only one I found on AQS's website that even covered QAYG and I was curious what it included.


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When you write this book I surely would like to buy a copy!!

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There is a book out there describing something nearly identical to your method, although not specifically geared to frame quilting. But it is about dividing the batting, and adding it in sections. And they do have some hand sewing on some of the techniques, but not all.

"Divide and Conquer", by Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan, published in 2000.

Here is a link that might be useful: Divide and Conquer on Amazon

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Thanks for the book information, Mary. That's what I was looking to see if there was anything out already. I'll take a look at it.

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I looked for the book on the Net last night and I didn't want to post yet as somone may have the book.

Most books will list the contents, this one doesn't show ANYTHING and maybe that is their style is Australia.

To me this method is similar to the Cotton Theory. I saw your method in another book a while back and I'll see if I can find it.

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