Interior glass door

mariajeanMarch 22, 2013

Hi all,

Rebuilding on Long Island after Hurricane Sandy.

Time to start thinking about the kitchen. Saved the uploaded magazine image back in 2007 because I loved the chairs, kitchen, sized similarly to my (former) kitchen and also LOVED the glass door. I can't seem to find the glass door anywhere and the magazine is now defunct, not even a photo credit. I have found similar glass but really like the one in the image. Any leads to the door or even the cabinetry and chairs would be greatly appreciated- thanks.

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It's probably a custom etched door.

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millworkman, thanks, I think you're probably right since the graphic line in the door exactly mimics the lines of the cabinetry.

enduring, thanks for the suggestion but would like the design to be etched or carved into the glass.

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