Corian Refinishing Pricing

chisueMarch 18, 2009

This probably belongs in another forum but...I'd like some pricing help.

I have a bid to refinish/re-buff 48 sq ft of beige Corian kitchen countertop. The bid is $75/hour, estimating 3-4 hours. There are shallow knife cuts and what look like bristle brush scouring marks that need to be buffed out.

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I just looked up the whole process of Corian re-surfacing. I looked on a website I really respect, called Woodweb. It's a place a bunch of pros go and the information is usually accurate.

From what I read, it sounds like the person needs to know what they're doing. So, if you have someone that you feel good about...that you think knows what they're looking at, then I think that price is great. If it were me I would probably negotiate a fixed number though just to avoid that "wow! this took WAY longer than I is the bill took me nine hours, but I only charged you for 7."

Sounds like I've heard it before doesn't it! :-) I would try to get it locked in at $225.00 with no hourly component at all.

If you're not totally confident this provider knows what they're doing, I would not do it, because they can ruin it and the cost would then be much, much higher.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood Web

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Thanks, remodelingguy. I'll check out the site.

The bid seems high in part because although I have 48 sq ft of surface, most of it is fine -- just problems in areas where guests have not used cutting boards. (This is a vacation rental condo on Maui.)

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$300-$400 would be the going rate around here for the average sized kitchen of 60 square feet (don't forget the backsplash square footage will be counted as well, it still needs a "final" polish so the sheens match). This is from a licensed by Dupont Corian fabricator who is an expert, and we're in the South, where labor prices are probably a lot lower than on Maui. I'd get a couple of prices from local fabricators---and pick the guy with the most experience, regardless of price. Still, you probably won't be able to get all of the cut marks completely out, but they'll be better masked, especially if you keep the countertop polished out to a low sheen with a polishing compound like Gel Gloss.

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live_wire_oak -- Thanks for your perspective. It hellps.

On Maui there's not a wide range of choice for *anything*! LOL And, after you hire someone you have to hope he shows up -- that the day he's scheduled to come is not a 'Surf's up!' day.

However, from what I've learned here, I've gone ahead and OK'd the job, with a limit of 4 hours @ $75. It's to be done in April when we have a 'hole' in our rental calendar.

Thanks again to all three of you!

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