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newdawn1895June 23, 2012


Have you ever used products from Evolutia when building your home?

If you haven't used them, I know you've heard about them, no? They sell high end restoration products such as antique beams, reclaimed brick and gorgeous wood flooring. I feel a little ridiculous since I've seen your home and know that you write for a decorating blog which features many wonderful companies.

I have been hired by a small private company that are tearing down historical buildings in Georgia and probably Alabama. Primarily they are cotton mills that are HUGE with plenty of red brick. The heart pine has been sold but I'm not sure about the maple. I have been hired to sell the brick, not all of course,since there is 12 million alone in one building.

All of a sudden I've got a bad case of the nerves and I haven't even started. If only I could stay out of the bathroom this morning, whew.

The man I am dating financed the whole project and asked that they hire me because of my love of historical things, which they did. Did I spell historical right, dear God I am nervous NOW.

I am good at dinner parties and picking out beautiful antiques, and knowing how to dress the part. But selling is a different animal. However, I have a passion for the product I would be selling, a big one.

I am going to call on Evolutia in Homewood as soon as I learn a little more about reclaimed brick.

I asked about this over in This Old House on gardenweb and they put me through the ringer and brought up some valid but discouraging points. Now, I'm thinking they might be right.

I know this is not your expertise but do you have any pointers for me? I think I just need the advice of a fellow Alabamian.

My answer to the people over in This Old House below.

When Quincy Jones asked Steven Spelberg to direct the movie The Color Purple, he said "I know nothing about black people". Quincy Jones quickly answered and said, you knew nothing about Martians either did you?

I'm taking the job, wish me luck.

Another question Allison, do you know of any other companies that I could call on in Alabama?

Signed...Scared Straight AKA Jane

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I would ask the company for a list of builders or contractors who have used the product in your area. They can give you some facts about the products that you won't find in print.

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Newdawn, you might have better luck if you send Allison an email thru the Gardenweb forums. She doesn't seem to be on the boards as often as she used to. That' s what I did and she got right back to me.

By the way , your new adventure sounds very interesting.;o)

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I left Allison a message on another board asking her to check here. I think she was catching up on sleep this weekend!

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Thanks, Chispa.

Newdawn, I've never heard of them but looked at their website. Wish they had been around when we built!

What about contacting architects in the AL/GA area - I saw Dungan Nequette are already using them. Other good ones would be Williams Partnership (Homewood), McAlpine Tankersley (Montgomery), Chris Reebles @ Christopher Architects (Birmingham), Krumdieck (Bham), Carey Hollingsworth, James Carter and Henry Sprot Long... also in Bham area.

Landscape Architects - Tommy Holcombe @ Holcombe Partners, and Nimrod Long.

Congrats on your new job! Our house was built using old brick, and we added a retaining wall later (found the same old brick). My BIL house is old brick. You shouldn't have a problem finding people to purchase.

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Had grandbaby awhile ago, and misread some of your post -

I thought you had been hired by Evolutia. I would still contact those in my above list. I could probably come up with a few more in the area, but not familiar with architects/landscape architects outside central AL. Huntsville and Florence would be great cities too.

lol I'll have to go check out the This Old House forum.

I would say have decent pictures you can email to interested parties - before demolition too. Have your facts/sales pitch down pat. If you love the product, I think that will come through in your voice - I could write all day, but would freak if I had to say it in person. Guess that didn't help! lol

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Mary Ruth--Thanks I will be sure to make a note of that, good point.
Patty Cakes--Thanks Patty I need all the luck I can get and I think it may be interesting as well. Thanks for the info on Allison.
Chispa--Thanks so much for going out of your way. I've said it before and I'll say it again--My friends here at Gardenweb are the best without a doubt.


I can not tell you how much help you've been with all the names you have given me. It may or may not pan out but this information is invaluable to me and certainly to the company I will be working for, hopefully.

I read your response to my boyfriend (the banker)and he thought your ideas were great, as did I.

Yeah, this is a little intimating but I feel a lot better tonight than earlier, thanks to all of you.

I had to get out and go shopping with my friend and get bricks off my mind for a while today.

On a more personal note, congrats on the new grand baby. Is this number two?
I haven't been on here in a while, so I'm not up on your family as I once was.

Best of luck to you and your family and thanks again.


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You're so welcome.

Thank you!! Yes, this is grandbaby #2, but first baby for DS and our first granddaughter. Now we have one of each! I haven't announced - only mentioned one other time in a post. Just got back from Chicago to see her - so tiny and just adorable. DS is a total Mr Mom and such a big help. She ended up having a C Section after 40 hours of labor w/the help of their doula when it was discovered there wasn't enough pelvic width for her to get out. :(

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Well, I'm glad your little angel is doing fine now. I bet you were scared to death, huh?

Men today are so hands on with their children, not like years ago IMO.

Congrads and thanks.


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