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AFT3March 20, 2013

Hi. We are doing a remodel and adding a den space that is supposed to help the house be more connected with the back yard. It has glass doors along a deck that connects to the garage (Top of page next to window box)(which would get remodeled and have doors opening also to this deck) and it has glass doors opening to the back yard. (to the left side of the den - note the wall in the middle of those glass doors shown in the drawing would not be there.)
The things this space is supposed to offer is: a space for my office, some comfortable seating, storage for office supplies and other items like arts and crafts materials etc, books, and a tv or pull down screen with projector.
The room is only 12.5 w x 16 long.
We need to figure out the best layout so that we can determine where the windows should go and how long the walls should be next to the glass doors.
This is all in the planning phase so the doors and window sizes and locations can be altered.
Thank you!

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So the left wall opens to the back yard, the top wall toward the garage? And there are windows on the bottom wall? I'm curious about the window placement on that wall - why the little window where you have the desk drawn, and a big window next to it?

I would put the door to the back yard at the top of the left wall, so your traffic pattern is along that top wall, and not cutting through the middle of the room. That gives you a lot more flexibility to add bookcases, furniture, a TV.

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Thank you for your response. The long window along the bottom wall is just a high window so that bookcases or shelves could be below it. The doors on the left wall would most likely be open from the top down to the bottom with only as much wall as would be needed for structural support along the bottom of that left wall.
It just makes it difficult to see where to put the furniture... Any ideas? Also can you tell me how to post more pictures so that I could show an elevation of that wall? I can only see how to post one picture. Thanks!

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My living room is about 12x16, solid walls on 2 sides, picture window on one long wall. It's really not a huge space. We have a couch and love seat perpendicular to each other on the solid walls, and a recliner in the opposite corner. There is a small bookcase in one corner, but if I set up a card table, the room is very crowded.

Do you have furniture to put here, or will you be buying new, since it's a new space? I find the only way I can "see" furniture placement is to draw out the space on graph paper, and make paper cutouts of the furniture, so I can move it around as I please.

If you're starting from scratch, I guess you'd need to more firmly nail down your needs, more specifically than in your first post. Will this be space be play room, project room? It doesn't sound like TV is a priority. How much seating do you need? How about a table to do crafts or board games? How much storage space do you need? Open shelving or enclosed? I would use the whole wall that the desk is on for storage and shelving, and maybe lower the window on the bottom wall - again, it depends on how much you want/need, and what you'll be doing in the room. It also depends on what direction the window faces. It's a lot of space for an office, but I got the impression it would be more than that.

With the traffic coming in two doors from outside, what are you thinking about for flooring?

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