Staging-bedroom vs. office

done_againSeptember 20, 2012

We hope to list our house soon and want some advice on staging. 1 of us works from home 100% of the time and the other about 50-75% of the time. The 2 secondary bedrooms in our 3 bedroom, 2000 sq. ft. house are set up as our offices with no beds. They're clearly bedrooms with closets and not bonus rooms, dens, studies, etc. The offices are kept neat and tidy and will be that way during showings. Will it look unfavorable to keep these as offices or should we try to make at least one a bedroom? We have to work while we're listed but could get by with one office going back as a bedroom but prefer not to.

Advice and opinions are appreciated.

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I would definitely set up one as a bedroom. Many people have no imagination, and need to see how a bed, dresser, etc fit into the room.

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I agree with terriks. Unless you could move both of the offices to a basement, I would set one up one of the current office rooms as a bedroom and leave one (hopefully one of the smaller ones) as an office.

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I agree: you need to help them visualize that bedroom furniture fits well into the room. Can you keep the desk and just add a bed but no dresser?

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Agree with what has been said. You need more than just 1 bedroom of a 3 bedroom house to be staged as a bedroom--preferably with a large (guest) bed. Master-only won't cut it.

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Circus Peanut

We deliberated over this, too, but ultimately left the 2 extra bedrooms as offices in our 1500sft bungalow. We got 5 offers by the third day of showing. Go figure.

One factor might be the number of bathrooms -- we had only one bathroom, so our potential buyers were nearly all either young, childless or retired couples, or else folks with a small baby, no kids. If you want to attract families, you'd probably do best to stage one of the rooms with a twin bed.

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