Isn't this site great!

nannykinsSeptember 12, 2012

I have just ordered a supply of batiks for GS2 wedding quilt, and I was wondering about pre-washing.

So I Googled for that info.

One of the first hits was this site. A thread from Aug. 2008. All my questions answered.



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Heartily agree! LindaB/CA

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Sooooo......Theresa, what did you decide??????...........
Prewash or No Prewash? Just curious :~)

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The consensus seemed to be to pre-wash using Retayne or Synthrapol.
And since I did have a bleeding issue on the green Jacob's Ladder, I am more and more inclined to pre-wash.

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Okay~now I'll say it--I'm a Prewasher-100% unless it is precut Bali pop / jelly roll or charms. I am so afraid of the bleeding, I don't pair the batiks with white or any solid light color unless I can prewash them. I will suggest that you throw in a square of white muslin, in addition to the color catchers, to see if the extra dye is going to actually dye the muslin.
Others don't have problems.......I don't ever want to after the quilt is made!
And yes, the Forum Members here are great!

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Thanks for the reinforcement Marsha

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This IS a great site. I feel like I am surrounded by friends here as well as knowledgeable quilters. People who won't look down on me because I rarely pre-wash! ;~))

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I was thinking that myself last week when I posted about my finished quilt. Since I don't belong to a guild or group, the only notice or feedback I get is from DH, who thinks they are nice but let's face it, he's a guy. And other family members do get to see them occasionally but since none of them quilt they don't really get it. To get feedback about my work on this website is so special - not to mention the chance to see others' work and to get tips and good information. I am grateful for it.

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I feel blessed to have found this forum and all the people I feel are my friends. I have found it a wonderful place to get honest opinions and objective thoughts. Even thought they arn't all the same they provide a great sounding board for ideas.
And Kate, I rarely pre-wash either but there are always exceptions and sometimes mistakes.

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What I learned is...always prewash. (That's what my teacher friend told me!)

What I do, rarely prewash unless I'm suspicious of the fabric. It all came down to taking classes and needing just a couple more fabrics than I'd actually brought. Since you can't wash it at the store, I just got out of the habit.

I know it's best, but so is vacuuming daily and I don't do that either ;-)

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Vacuuming every day!!! Who knew! LOL

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Oh no! Are there other rules like that I should know about? Wait! Don't tell me! I'm happy in my non-vacuuming, non-pre-washing, non-dusting, non-weeding, non-sweeping up the dog & cat hair, non-baking-my-own-bread ignorance. All that stuff could cut into my sewing time!


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When I first joined the guild, I had been quilting on my own for a couple of years but I was really getting into it and like most newbies, was spending a lot of time at the machine. At one meeting, a few new members were asked to introduce themselves and show some of their work. It happened that I had just finished one whole quilt and a top that month. So the dear soul who was doing the interview asked "Don't you ever do housework?" You mean I am supposed to do that too!!!

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What a hoot!
I've have memories of visiting my Grandmother in Chisholm, Minn. All the ladies on the block had their homes cleaned and their front porches swept by about 9 a.m. and fresh banana bread on the table for coffee visiting. I thought the poor girl my age next door was practically enslaved because she had to mop the kitchen floor every day.
I know many of those women canned and baked the whole summer too, but I don't know if any of them were quilters.
Glad I didn't have to "measure up" in a small town like that. I've kinda noticed that cleaning house means I get no company, but leave a mess and here they come!

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