Moen Motionsense faucets

yooper856April 7, 2013


I just installed a Moen Motionsense kitchen faucet and was wondering if anyone else is having issues with the pressure/volume on manual mode verses the sensor or auto mode. I get noticeably more pressure when I use the sensor verses just turning it on with the handle. I did pop out all the screens and they are clean. I called Moen on this and they agreed that the sensor mode gives you 2.2gpm where manual turn on is only 1.6gpm. They offered me a different screen to change out to even out the pressure (well by offer meaning I paid $18.00 for it :) ) but it came in being the same screen that's installed already. I even removed the change. Anyone come up with a solution yet?

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Yikes! Let me know what you figure out. I have ordered the same faucet for my kitchen to be installed in the next month.

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Well Moen was super great to work with....sent me new screens and a new cartridge all no charge. Unfortunately it did not remedy the when considering this faucet just know that you get about a 25% reduction in flow when in manual mode. Automatic or sensor mode does not flow through the cartridge so that's why you get better pressure, but the manual mode is just not quite enough. Disappointing but we are learning to live with it!

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Do you know what your street/house water pressure is by chance? Maybe you're on the low pressure end of your townships receipt of water, so water pressure is naturally lower.

Or if you have a water pressure reducer, maybe its set to 40 psi or so and could be moved up a tad to help this situation.

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Great thought.....but unfortunately not the case. This just changed when I replaced this faucet. Had plenty of pressure and volume with my 2 year old Delta faucet, and like I mentioned pressure is great when on the auto or sensor mode, it's just when you turn on the faucet using the handle is where I'm having the issue.

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YES! Totally noticed this too in both of my Motionsense faucets. I wonder why they did this?

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Sorry, I don't believe in mixing electronics and plumbing. Guess I'm just old school.

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This is a very important post for others yooper. It makes no sense.
Can they remove a restrictor from the manual flow line?

Electronic faucets are still new technology so there will always be dumb stuff like this popping up. They need to get it right.

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I have to say, I can live with this issue. The much more annoying thing is when you're using the manual handle to get a small flow of water for something precise - filling a measuring cup, adding some water to a bowl, dampening a paper towel, something like that - you shut off the water and BLAMO the sensor immediately turns on the faucet full blast. Had they programmed in a 1-second delay between the manual handle and the sensor this wouldn't be an issue - as it stands this drives us nuts every single day.

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Yes - My Moen Touchless has considerably less flow and pressure when used manually. Very disappointing for such an expensive faucet. Anyone have any luck getting it to flow as it should?

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Well we have had it with this faucet. The concept is great but the actual functionality isn't I highly recommend not purchasing a Moen Motionsense faucet. What really stinks is this faucet was not cheap, and now I have to purchase another one. We rented a house in Florida this year which had a nice pull down style kitchen faucet in it and both my wife and I agreed this is the faucet we need! I think it was a Kohler, but anyone else have recommendations on pull down or pull out style kitchen faucets? Something under $500 would be nice!

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Kohler has the Sensate motion but it's more. Grohe Ladylux has a new touch faucet. And people like their Delta touchs.

Many non-electronic pull downs that are reasonable. Hansgrohe Talis is a popular one.

But I'd pay attention to the flow rate on any new one for obvious reasons.

Shame about the Moen. Reducing the water flow is senseless.

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We use it a zillion times a day, I put one on the main kitchen faucet and one on the island sink too, and other than the minor issues I've mentioned we love it and there's nothing else we'd choose.

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This is an interesting and potentially disappointing thread since we're considering this faucet as part of or re-model. I think these are valid complaints, but I'm trying to contrast them with a recent "what faucet do you have" thread here on GW and the Amazon reviews, which are pretty darn positive although they do acknowledge idiosyncrasies about how it works.

So my questions are:

1) how does a 1.6 gpm flow (manual handle as per above) compare with other standard faucets? Is 1.6 gpm a real slouch even in today's water-efficient world? FYI, the Moen specs just say that the faucet is 2.0 gpm without specifying through which method.

2) randy mentions the problem of using the manual handle for detail work and being overwhelmed by the auto sensor. That is a total turn off, but in the other GW thread it seems like if that's a constant problem the solution is to turn the bottom sensor off. Is it not that easy? (Although I realize you're then not fully using the technology.)

Thanks, I'm trying to reconcile these real world complaints (that would really bug me) with other reviews that acknowledge but gloss over these concerns.

Edit: after belatedly seeing randy's second post, I think I misunderstood his concerns with the faucet...

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I hate to be the dissenter, but I have had this faucet 11 months, and I totally love it! I use both sensors regularly, and I only use the handle when I need hot water. There is a slight difference in water pressure, but for my purposes it makes no difference from a functional perspective. I do have a large single sink which makes it easier to work in the sink without inadvertently triggering the sensor. We have never had any "ghosts" trigger the sensor, just a large housefly once. :). It really does stop on its own after two minutes or so, so no risk of overflowing sink. Compares to my sister in laws brizo touch faucet, these sensors are much more reliable and responsive than her touch function. I would be happy to answer specific questions.

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It's VERY easy to turn off either sensor so that's what we've done. Now we only use the top sensor and it's not a problem. I just wish they'd have engineered in a 2-second delay between using the handle and the lower sensor (which is close to the handle so you will activate it accidentally when using the handle)

Anyway, we love the faucets too. Highly recommend them.

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that is "as it should". It's designed to do that, for some reason. No way around it.

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The initial reduction in pressure was around 50+%. I had an un-regulated amount of pressure coming from the street, and now have it set at 60 PSI, and it is more like a 75% reduction. Moen sent me new parts to no avail. I also put in fresh batteries, and am even thinking about AC power. I don't find it acceptable at all. This is a real deal-breaker after 10-months of use and the gradual decline from barely acceptable to untenable.

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Moen sent me a new head unit that included the three (#1,2, and 3) hoses, the sensor cable, a new disassembly/re-assembly tool and new plate. I had to remove the spout hose and counter weight, manual control handle, and mount them on the new head unit. My flow is back up to 50-70%, but seems like it might be decreasing again. I'm wondering about the filter in the #2 line, as my old one was a bit gummed up, and according to the Moen rep, this is the filter for the manual handle, and the filter on the bottom of the control box itself is the filter for the sensor lines. I'm tempted to run this without the filter and see how the water flow goes.

What is incredible is that the second call to Moen as to what to do with the sensor unit (spout from the sink to the pull out head): they said throw it away. I have to think of something nice to do with it- like lawn art or a hook to catch the rope swing with...

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Marc Johnson

We just installed ours yesterday - so we're still in the "honeymoon" phase - but I am both impressed and very happy.

We had a Delta touchless before and even though the same $, it doesn't compare to Moen.

The Moen "feels" more substantial in every way. The handles and spout are more solid feeling, better weighted, and it has a better matching "stainless" color that perfectly matches the instant hot stainless.

I'm also impressed with the control box and hose smoothness compared to Delta. I'm also loving the "pre-set" temperature feature for the touchless sensors ?? Brilliant. I'm not seeing any appreciable pressure differences yet, but thanks to everyone here, it's something I'm going to keep an eye on. Previously, it was always a battle of "why can't you just leave it on warm please!" Now we don't fight - about that at least :)

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During our remodel I read this thread with some trepidation. Perhaps I'm weighing in a bit too early, but after three weeks my wife and I love it!

If there is lower water pressure with the sensor than the handle--we don't see that at all. Perhaps it's been fixed? And we love everything else: the sensors, the feel of pulling down the spout, looks, etc. Very happy with this in the early innings!

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We just had a Moen Touchless installed and I definitly notice the reduced flow when using the handle. More of an issue is the sensativity of the "ready sensor". It does not trigger until you almost touch the faucet but then your dirty hands are not in the water stream. So, you pull your hands away an inch or two so they are in the stream and the sensor turns the water off! I have been unable to find any instructions on how to adjust this sensor. This feature is useless for now.

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Michael Diaz

Thanks to everybody's comments, I found a way to increase the water flow. I removed the filter from the brass cylinder that connects to the outlet labeled "2." I then used a hacksaw to remove the brass that serves as a bass for the filter that has the four holes through which water flows into the cylinder, leaving just the feed hole. I then drilled the feed hole to make it bigger. Alas I drilled too far and caused the fitting at the end of the hose to break off - I hadn't realized how narrow it was. I reamed the hole, and inserted a brass fitting that is threaded on both ends by forcing the threads into the somewhat conical hole. I used some PTF (Teflon) tape to help seal the threads. I then put the hose over the threads of the other end of the fitting and clamped it with a 1/4-inch clamp. To protect the hose from the clamp I first wound some electrical tape around it. I also removed the woven material around the hose from the end that was to be clamped. The water flow was greatly increased and my wife is delighted.

I acknowledge that this solution is not for the faint of plumbing. I think that Moen's basic design is good, but it should have used larger diameter fittings instead of the quick-to-assemble (hard-to-disassemble!) fittings. I pray for a revision of the MotionSense system that that implements these suggestions.

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