Naming quilts

nannykinsSeptember 19, 2011

I am curious to know whether you name your quilts.

I have only done so for three quilts. One was a Pioneer Braid design for my son in Australia. That one I called Aussie Braid. I had a pattern called Eclipse (not the one you get when you Google) and I made it in two different colour families. Both of the fabrics had been given by my daughter, so she got the quilts. The first was in very bright colours so it was called "Solar Eclipse". The second was in very muted tones so it became "Lunar Eclipse".

Now I am considering calling the wedding quilt "It's not Purple and Gold".

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Personally, I love a good name. The more whimsical, the better. I love "It's not Purple and Gold". I don't get it, but I'm sure you do and that's all that matters. I'm very bad about making my labels, so my clever names are usually just in my head..... Some day....


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I like your names, especially the solar and lunar eclipses. I have an Aussie quilt, made with fabric I purchased there, called Casaurina Stars.

I always name my quilts; sometimes after they're done but usually before I start.


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I try to name the quilts something that pertains to what the pattern is or what it looks like....just for me so when I read it on my list, I know which one it is. I rarely put it on a label though. Dancing Stars, Crumby D9P, Homespun Stars, Jewel Depression, etc.


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For Fay
The bride originally wanted purple and gold fabric in her quilt. I couldn't find that combo. So now it is more brown, cherry red and yellow. Not Purple and Gold.

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I can't remember ever naming a quilt. It may be call by the patterns name but nothering personal. I enjoy reading what others call theirs but just not my thing.

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I understand that many people both label and name quilts. I usually enjoy the names, especially if I know what inspired them.

But no, I don't name any quilt with anything other than "Done". My brain just doesn't work that way, LOL (and if I can avoid labeling, I will!).

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I don't name mine, either. I refer to them by a name usually linked to the pattern, fabric, or occasion such as "Frankie's Monster Quilt". I just don't have the brain power to be that creative and still get my work done. But, I do enjoy reading about all you creative people who do. LOL

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I usually stick to the pattern name unless it was one of my own designs, then I will name it either based on what color it is or the pattern/theme of the fabric or as in the last one I did where I did it.
It happens to be all hand stitched and I did it while staying in England so it my American in England quilt.

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Quilt's I've made for specific people will be named for them: Carol's Quilt, Elaine's Quilt, Aunt Carmen's Cat Quilt, and so on.

I keep my quilts folded in a pile on the grand's toy chest. When they come to sleep over they choose their quilt to cuddle up with. They will pick, The Purple One, Wizard of Oz, Cars & Trucks, Fancy Blanket, Pretty Houses, etc.

So, no official names but recognizable descriptions in our house.

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Good to hear all your comments. I thought I wasn't being very creative by not giving every quilt a name, other than its colour or pattern. I am glad I am not alone!

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If I can come up with a creative or clever name, I use it. For example, my Dresden plate quilt in blues is called "Blue Plate Special", but usually some more mundane name referring to the color and pattern are used. Then I include my name, home town, and date of completion on the label.

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I'm with Faye - I've named quite a few in my head but not in an official way. My DH usually load pictures of my quilts on photobucket for me, and he delights in tagging the pictures with his own creative names. Every once in awhile when I am searching quilt images for ideas/inspiration one my quilts will come up because of the name he has given it. "You can die from such a man!"

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Cute!!! I am another that is really bad (never) about making labels so I don't really name mine. But I do try to remember to take pics.

I also have them filed under the recpients name. Like Paula's scrappy Irish Chain etc.

I think a purple and gold would be gorgeous!!!!


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