Serpentine stitch

loisflanSeptember 2, 2012

I just saw ritaweeda's post about this stitch. My Janome 6600 has a stitch that is a wavy line, but I haven't found a way to make the peaks of the waves, say, an inch apart. They're more like 1/4" apart. Maybe this stitch is done by FMQ. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Is there not an adjustment for stitch length? That is usually what moves the "peaks" farther apart. Don't know if you'd get a whole inch, though.

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My machine (Viking Emerald) has this stitch in the decorative stitch menu. On my machine, you can adjust the width and the stitch length. It will only go so far, though. I just set the stitch, then go to my normal stitch width/length editing buttons and adjust. I used the walking foot to do this, so you do need to play with it to see how far over the needle moves, and make adjustment so that the needle doesn't hit the sides of the foot.

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That is a stitch I like but my Pfaff doesn't have it. I wonder if newer models do.

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My Pfaff Expressions 2048 has it!

I use a decorative stitch foot which has a wide center opening; the needle would never be able to hit the side of the presser foot on any of the widest stitches. The width of the stitches (the peaks and valleys) will be determined by the widest your machine will stitch - like 9mm for instance.

Are you able to use optional feet using a walking foot on other machines?

Here is a link that might be useful: Open toe foot

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You know, sometimes I'm so dumb I amaze myself. I had the stitch length all the way - the wrong way. With the width the widest and the length the longest, I get a great serpentine stitch. Yay! And I do have an open toe foot. I don't think my walking foot opening is wide enough to handle the stitch I want. I'll have to see how the open toe foot works on the quilt sandwich. I used a very thin all cotton batting, so maybe... Thanks, everyone.

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I've never tried this with the open-toe foot. I use the walking foot to feed the layers evenly with feed dogs up. This is a stitch that drives itself and I don't know if the open toe with feed dogs up would feed the layers evenly. If the feed dogs are down I doubt that the serpentine design would work because you would have to guide it. But do let us know if it works.

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I just Googled a walking foot, even though I see them used in workshops, I have never paid attention to the mechanics. My Pfaff sewing machines have a built IDT - basically a dual feed walking foot, so I can use whatever accessory pressure foot I want (there are a few exceptions). I agree the serpentine stitch is a 'feed dogs up' stitch - let the machine do the work.
So do I understand correctly, if you use a walking foot, it includes the pressure foot portion, and you cannot change that?

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I went and double-checked, no I can't remove the actual foot part, it's bolted on an all-in-one unit. So what you're saying is, your machine always has the dual-feed action, no matter what foot you use? That's cool (for quilters.) Here's a link to what they look like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Viking Dual Feed Foot

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That dual feed foot (on my Pfaff) can be released for certain stitches but mostly mine stays down.

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Sorry to hijack Lois :~)

My 40+ year old Pfaff has the IDT also. You can engage or not. Like Theresa, mine is always engaged unless I am using one of the odd feet (like pintuck I think) that won't allow it. See the picture in the link below. It originally was marketed & sold to sew plaids, stripes and chevrons on precise garment and home decor perfectly matched everytime because the of the dual feed. Last year at Retreat, I couldn't understand why my intersections were 'off' just a bit, until I realized my Featherweight did not have the built in dual feed ~LOL~ I had to pay closer attention!

Thanks for the picture Rita - I think I get it now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pfaff IDT

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Thanks for the info. Recently I was watching one of the quilting/sewing shows on TV and the machine had that kind of foot, I was wondering about it. And I never knew that the dual feed feet were for other than sewing multiple layers of fabric. I wonder if the industrial machines automatically have them? I have an Aunt in WV who works for an outfit that makes custom drapes, etc., very high-end. I asked her one time if she knew what a walking foot was and she didn't know what I was talking about. I bet their machines have them built-in.

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