Screen/storm door recommendations?

chicagoansMarch 6, 2012

I'd like to replace our front door. It's currently a steel door with side lights and a transom, with an additional storm door that can be switched from a glass insert (storm door) to a screen insert. The insert is large - almost the whole door.

In the summer we like to keep the front door open to get breezes through the screen door. We have a front porch, so the storm door is less necessary but we do switch to the glass insert in the winter. FWIW the front door faces south; the home is a white brick Georgian style.

Our current storm/screen door has a metal frame and looks cheap to me. It doesn't do anything to enhance the look of the home.

I've seen some beautiful front doors on neighboring homes, but almost none of them have screen doors. I've seen some 'vanishing' screen doors online that look great, but you can make almost anything look nice online. :)

I've looked briefly into Therma Tru (fiberglass), simply because it was recommended somewhere and they seem to have some attractive options. However, it doesn't seem that they have an option for additional screen doors.

Any recommendations, whether on brands, material, etc.?

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Screen or Storm Doors can be added to any exterior door unit, although sometimes you need what Therma Tru calls a storm door adapter or basically pack out the frame to receive the z bar frame of the storm door. A lumberyard or custom quality window & door supplier (not a box store) should have available wood combination storm and screen doors and or higher end custom metal ones.

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Thank you millworkman, I'll check out some local custom suppliers.

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I have a therma-tru door for my front entrance, and a storm door was added without any problems. Check out pro-via storm doors. I have three of them and they are very well made and look good. THey come in a variety of colors and styles, and I am very happy with mine.


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Another option that you might consider is a new product that Therma-Tru has in which the sidelites are active and can open. They have screens on them, which allow for ventilation. Here is a link to the product:

Click on the "Vented Sidelites" Brochure for more info.

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Cool JimChris - I missed those. Thanks for pointing them out.

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