What do you think of these CL couches?

BoopadabooJune 26, 2013

I am still looking for a couch. I have changed up my room some. I should post a pic, I dont have one atm. So no more BLue and orange drapes and orange rug. I know have light blue walls, IKEA expedit birch units, old barkcloth curtains with shades of red and pink on a light tan background and a brick fireplace. At the moment we have two brown leather couches, One is falling apart. I found these on CL/ebay - what do you think? Do you need to see the room? I could post it tonight.

This one says Ralph Lauren down couch

or this....

thomasville with a brown background...

DH will probably kill me. they are both about an hour away and I would have to get someone to bring it here. :)

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Hmmm that didnt seem to work. let me try again....

Couch 1

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Couch 2

Source: ebay.com via Boopadaboo on Pinterest

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Curtains fabric: ( it seems much more muted in person)


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If youâÂÂre asking whether either of those couches would work with that rug, my answer is most assuredly, NO. The rug is too busy to match well with any type of large print. The curtain fabric, also, does not work with that rug.

I feel that you should be looking for a couch and/or curtains in a simple solid color if you plan to keep the rug. Something in ivory, light or dark blue, and tans would work well with the rug.

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Carpet is filthy in first photo would be afraid of bedbugs

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Are you wanting to use as is or reupholster? I would not use either sofa as is (fabric) with your current drapes or rug. I have to admit that I do not care for the rug with the drapes either.

The second sofa looks in much better overall condition than the first which seems to be losing it's shape. I will say though that while I have bought many antique or second hand wood pieces, I am not brave enough to buy used upholstered pieces. The cleanliness factor does me in. LOL


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nyboy - I think that first couch is sitting inside a garage... on concrete.

I agree with tina --- any of those patterns combined is too much, and the thought of buying an upholstered piece on CL is mostly yucky...

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Sorry...but I would also never purchase second hand upholstered furniture unless I was having it completely redone OR I personally knew the seller and knew the home it was in.

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You all are grossing me out. I really thought I could get past it. Who buys all this stuff on ebay/CL then?

I agree, the second one looks in better shape. I think the first one would go better with the room though. I think I should post a pic. I don't think it is a busy as it seems, but then again I like busy! I am so excited by changing the drapes and rug. I feel like I can move forward with this room again. the orange had really been messing with me.

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I am pattern-averse so I can't comment on those, with your rug I'd choose solid or a subtle texture pattern.

However I would NOT buy those sofas, the first one appears to be in a disgustingly dirty house so imagine what lurks in the upholstery. I have purchased a used sofa on CL, but only from a home that was very clean and non-smoking, and the sofa was only a few months old.

I would not go for a pattern on the sofa with those curtains and rug, I'd let the rug be the pattern in the room.

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I like the first one, classic lines and pattern, the second one looks (OK, screams) 1980 to me and I don't like that one at all, either the design or the fabric, plus I had a RL down sofa and it was awesomely comfy, and it's still kicking at 30 years old, albeit in my nephew's post-college apartment. I think the first one could work with the curtains in kind of a yin/yang flower print way, but agree with the others, the rug is too geometric and rigid to work with the free flowing lines of the flower print (drapes or either sofa).

As for bed bugs, I am not a germaphobe and would use the house it came from as my guide.

Good luck-


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Love the first one! Classic lines -- and the fabric still looks good with so many colors and patterns! :)

P.S. Boop -- really enjoying your Pinterest pin boards! :)

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I like the first couch ... but not with that rug and curtains

With a sisal or jute rug, or slipcovered in something plainer, it could look good. If it's a good, comfortable sofa, it's worth recovering. My older sister had a sofa, bought used, that she recovered three times, and now my neice has it ... in cover #5, I think.

BTW, you judgmental ones ... maybe that's a just-purchased foreclosure house and they are ripping out that scuzzy carpet and replacing it. I bought a house with 2- year old filthy carpet and no bedbugs.

Also, bedbugs are not attracted by or sustained by poor housekeeping. They are blood-sucking insects and will go wherever they sense warm bodies. They really love elaborate swagged bedrooms with tons of pillows and carved beds to hide in. They hide in crevices in furniture and behind baseboards. You can have a spotless house and still harbor bedbugs.

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Darn it. I forgot to post a picture of the room last night. :( I do really like the first one better too. I do think it is in a garage. It has been for sale for a few weeks and the first note I saw said they were moving and had to sell by 6/17. That has obviously passed. I wonder if I could put it in the garage for a bit and also get it steam cleaned professionally out there and then bring it in the house. I do love it for some reason.

Sandyponder you are cracking me up. I couldn't put my finger on what I didn't like about the one from thomasville! :)

Teacats you are sweet. Thank you. I LOVE pinterest. I have become addicted to that site. :) I love pinning pretty things and rooms. Are you on pinterest too? ( I don't think I am following you, but sometimes I get mixed up when the names are different :) )

thank you all for your feedback.I do appreciate it, both positive and negative. I do have another rug I could put in the room. It is pretty red though,. I think that might be red overload, plus I would need to get it cleaned. It has been in my cats' bedroom for about 6 months :)

I am going to see how much someone would charge to bring the first one to my house. I don't think anything would go make my husband get it for me :)

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Just wanted to add, the name of the pattern on the first sofa pic is Queensland by P. Kaufmann, my sister had a sofa and loveseat upholstered in it, a wingchair was upholstered in a corresponding plaid.

It;s a winner when used w/gold and green

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Interesting. Thank you Chijim.

So there is no way it is a ralph lauren sofa then, right? Would that fabric be on a Ralph Lauren sofa? Not sure that would make sense.


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My friend had a sofa in the same fabric as the first one. She purchased at Macy's. Can't imagine it is an RL sofa.

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Not necessarily it isn't RL, my sister originally bought a Marshall Field's housebrand sofa/loveseat in that Queensland pattern, measurements were overlooked--rookie mistake unfortunately and when it was delivered the sofa/loveseat were way too big for the room and returned.

She still loved the pattern.and really wanted it on her next sofa.

Went back to Field's and talked to the salesman about if another sofa could be upholstered in the fabric, it was a possibility once he tracked down the pattern name,

She found another sofa by Century that was sized better -- and it was possible to substitute another upholstery fabric I think for a slight up charge--maybe not, so the Century sofa ended up upholstered in the Queensland.

So that's why I'm saying it may be a RL frame, just not RL upholstery fabric.

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I really like the first sofa. Rich looking, pretty floral, I bet it's comfortable. It looks like it has slipcovers, maybe explaining the P.Kaufman (good quality) fabric. I wonder what is underneath.
Your floral sofa choices, the drapes, and the rug all have large scale patterns in unrelated styles and colors. You can't have all at once. Decide which you love the most, and then choose a solid element in one of the colors and then a smaller pattern or another solid, also using colors from your first item. Any of those patterns are dominating, they are nice but they won't work together.

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Thank you Chijim. that makes sense. And thank you sonicmom and mamorella for chiming in!

this is the room.... Excuse the bit of mess and parts of kids :)

This is the sofa that needs replacing...

There are two different sets of barkcloth drapes in the room. I guess I feel like the red couch above would help tie the blue in the rug to the drapes in a way. Like i said. I do have another rug I could try, but I have to get a pic of that. I dont think I have one.

I am also planning on having slip covers made for the orange chair and changing up some of the artwork. I am tired of looking at winter :)

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I have to say that I really like your current sofas --- they go well with your rug an dare kid friendly --- and would just replace your curtains with solid panels. Are your walls light blue? If you're up to it, you could repaint them with a slightly darker blue.

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I actually like the blue and brown combination as is. I agree with nosoccermom that adding solid panels would be good. My very first sofa was a big floral print which I got tired of long before the sofa wore out. Then back in the day I was watching tv, and the decorator said to never buy big floral pieces but to add prints in pillows. That's a cheap way to tie a room together. And easy to sew covers for pillows!

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What a cutie peeking out in your pic!!

I love the elements you have, but the curtains and rug are ignoring each other. I suggest sticking with a leather sofa and current rug, and getting patterned curtains that have blue in them as a dominant color, though it would be sweet for them to have some red, too. Or, move the rug to another room.

I would avoid having both floral curtains and a floral sofa.

It would be fun someday to get a beefier mantel and lower it.

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Interesting. I just hung these drapes and even DH loves them which is a miracle. What about this rug? I have a thing for sarouk rugs and it is in an action near me tomorrow. It might be a bit small. I have to measure....


via Boopadaboo on Pinterest

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That is awesome about your DH!!!

I have a thing for sarouks, too, though I own none. :(

I am going to have to say no about it, though, if you are married to the curtains. First of all, the curtains don't match each other. That's not a bad thing, but it's an unexpected busyness in the room. I know you love pattern (as do I) but it's got to be "tight"-- as in, the colors and scale have to be perfect for each other WRG to the rug.

If you get the rug, you could get some lovely solid linen curtains and call it a day.

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Do you really have to replace the leather sofas? If they are in good shape, I'd keep them, for sure.
When our my kids were younger, we had a fabric sofa, which became within a fairly short time what my husband called "a public health hazard." We switched to leather and never regretted it.

I do like the rug you posted but am not sure with what sofa it would go.

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Well the one leather couch may look in good shape but it is not. :( it is really disgusting AND had huge rips in it. It was not high quality and was a bad 2 weeks before DS was born purchase. :(

You all are making me go conservative :( I think that given the kids it is probably the right thing. I have to admit with 4 boys and DH there is just probably no hope for a floral sofa to survive as much as I want one.

I will not be replacing the curtains, we like them. That rug ended up being to small when I measured so I did not even go see it.

I found this on CL. I am thinking I might put it in my basement and then bring the brown couch I have down there up to the family room. I love that couch.

DH says It is strange to do that to the au pair, but I don' t know. I think this is a nice set....

What do you all think of it?

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so frustrating posting pics lately!

Source: Uploaded by user via Boopadaboo on Pinterest

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I have a couch like the first picture out on the curb to be picked up; got it at Macy's, and it has held up through thick and thin. The matching love seat is fixing to go out there too. So far no takers, not even any lookers, lol!

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I don't think it's a question of a floral sofa surviving, it's more that it will be a challenge to find one that will work with your drapes.

BUT, if you find one that YOU like, then go for it! The beautiful thing about a floral/patterned sofa is that it can easily hide all the ills of the world, for better or for worse!

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Can you slip cover your existing ones? Would cover any rips and tears and allow you more freedom in fabric choices as well as selecting something that could be washed.

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I wouldn't buy either one. The second one looks cheap, both in style and pattern. The first one looks terribly dated, not in good shape, and housed in a disgustingly dirty home. Ick. Keep looking!

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