How long does it take to do an addition, anyway?

Fori is not pleasedMarch 17, 2011

I know there are a zillion variables. But to add on a room, once construction starts, are we talking weeks, months, years (like my kitchen hehe) before it's ready for DIY finish work?

If it helps narrow things, it would be stuck onto a single story house with a crawl space type foundation. No plumbing. It could even be on a slab...

I just have no idea how fast these things can go together. Any general rules of thumb? Thanks!

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Are you doing it yourself? Or hiring out?

I know people who have had additions completed quite rapidly (weeks), especially as hard up as some contractors are for work right now.

On the other hand, my parents have been working on their addition since I was in junior high (I am thirtysomething now), but, you probably didn't want to hear that.... ;)

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Fori is not pleased

Wait a minute--I can do it myself? :)

Actually I have to tear out a DIY addition before putting in one properly. I would not do this myself. I don't know anything about actual construction. I'd probably want to do all the interior finish work myself, though.

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You will need some kind of drawing for the permit. That varies with locality.

You would be better served to add a like support base---that way the foundation would be able to be installed for minimal settling. Nothing like a room addition separating from the main house because of a settling foundation or slab.

Foundation work should be done in a week or less. That is if the builder/contractor plans and knows his sub contractors(excavation/concrete form work/concrete pouring/etc.

The rest depends on how many workers are on the crew. Installing a single room floor joist/subfloor is easily just a days work for 4 experienced workers.

Walls and roof framing in another day, unless the roof has to be integrated with the main roof.

Sheathing walls and roof in another day----the wall sheathing is some times done before raising a wall. That means two days for framing/sheathing.

Roofing is a day, but should be done as soon as the roof is sheathed.

Dry in, installing windows/doors less than a day. Electrical is a day, but can be days later than the finish rough in.

Sheetrock, two days max with experienced folks.

If the starts align---2 weeks or less to a finished room ready for you to paint, add flooring, and trim.

If the normal rain/scheduling delays happen, extend that time to three weeks to a month.

Or----if you hire a contractor who uses factory built walls/roof structure, foundation in a week, the subfloor/walls/roof can be done in a day, electrical and dry in the next day, sheet rock in 2, and you are painting in under 2 weeks.

Stick built is faster start to finish from Go. Factory built structures might take 2-5 months to get to the site.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks so much! Exactly what I wanted. :)

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collins design

I agree with pretty much everything handymac said except for sheetrock being 2 days. How can they get a really good finish in only 2 coats? Maybe he means just hanging the rock, not finishing it. Our sheetrock took a week. But man, is it smooth and perfect!

I'd say to plan on a month, because there are always delays (like the electrician gets sick, which holds up the sheetrockers...etc). Then if it only takes 2 weeks, you'll be super psyched!

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Fori is not pleased

I can handle two weeks. I can handle a month!

(Does everything seem easy after doing a kitchen?)

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One of the posters on the kitchen forum just told us it has been 30 months, and her GC is letting them stay at his beach house because it has taken him so long.....

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We remodeled what already existed and it took 4 months. I would not hold my breath thinking I'd be done in 1 month. No way.

While it may take 1-2-3 days to do a particular task, it can also take 1-2-3 days to get the particular trade to show up. And then you can have delays getting inspectors in. If you don't have all your supplies ON HAND, you wait for them to come in.

One month - ha!

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Fori is not pleased

Hehe. Kitchens!

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I had a 14 x 24 ft family room and powder room addition put on my house in 2001. They had to demo a huge patio, and the addition is built over a crawl space. The contractor did everything except for the flooring, we did that ourselves. Total time excluding the flooring was under 3 months. The addition was a lot less stress than the kitchen remodel I had done last year. It also took less time.

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We are currently doing a bedroom/bath addition with a full basement, and the contractor says it should take about 4 months. We are already three weeks into it and the basement is complete. Now we are waiting for the GCs to come and start the actual construction on the first floor. I guess if you aren't including the finish work, the addition could be done in a month, but I would count more on two months.

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Fori is not pleased


I have not started yet.

I had the illegal nasty addition removed. I even had an architect draw up some plans. That turned out to be a waste of some money.

Now that I've been here a while, I'm getting comfortable, thinking "why the heck do I need a bigger house?". I probably don't.

I think I just want a bigger garage now.

Hmmm a basement! We can't build up here over (I think it was) 17 feet. I wonder if there is anyone within 300 miles that knows diddly about basement installations. No no no...must focus on replacing the driveway...

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