Quartz Countertop Screwup - advice pls

scuzzynuttyMarch 30, 2012

Need some advice. Had some Ceasarstone quartz countertops fabricated and put in yesterday. Before they put the countertop in, I was examining the fabrication and noticed that the bevel is 1/2 inch instead of my requested 1/4 inch. My wife and I were adament about the 1/4 inch and I even showed the contractor a picture and drew with arrows the part that I want to be 1/4 inch. - it obviously wasn't communicated well to the fabricator/installer. The fabricator told me that he can fix it right there, and I was thinking NO WAY, and i called the contractor to tell him that I think it needs to be taken to the shop and done there, not just an eyeball hack job in my driveway. The fabricator assured the contractor he could do it. So he cut it down to 1/4 inch and installed it. Upon looking at it, it is clear it's not straight/even, some parts are 1/4 some parts are 3/16, and it is noticeable if you're looking at it. Doubtful that anyone else would know, but I know, which is what bothers me (it's like a car ding/scratch that no one else would normally see, but you know it's there).

I am anal, but i'm more bothered by the fact that I specified 1/4 inch and it wasn't done, then I told them they need to bring it back to the shop but instead they did it in the driveway and it turned out as I suspected. As I said, it's not THAT noticeable unless you're staring at it along the length of the counter, but it bothers ME cuz i know it's there. What should I do?

1. Replace entire thing (contractor is willing to do that)

2. Ask for a 50% refund and live with it and mention that it would cost the contractor MORE to have to order an entire new slab and have a fabricator cut and install it again).

3. Is it possible to EVENLY cut the bevel to 1/4 inch in the kitchen without having to remove the already installed countertop? (Our countertop is in an L-shape).

Thanks for any input/advice.

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After you've removed 1/2" of material, you cannot add back that 1/4" to make it a 1/4" bevel. Unless you are willing to take a serious discount to change the edge to a type where even more material is removed,like a bullnose or even larger bevel, then it's time for replacement. If you do agree to the discount and modified edge, then the tops should be pulled and the edging should be done in the shop. Not out in your yard, and certainly NOT in your kitchen.

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