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cmarlin20September 11, 2013

Forgot how to post a direct link?

TLC's Kirsten is doing her own flip. She listed on 07/29, dropped her price $280K on 08/07. I will watch her listing to see how she does, of course we don't know how much money she put into the house.

Here is a shot of the exterior before.

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Link did not work for me.

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Although I like much of what she's done, I'm not fully convinced on the transformation of the front facade -- does it read "California Spanish" to you?. To me, it still looks like a ranch, with some extra stuff thrown on the chimneys and a tile roof. It is probably because the roof line is so low and the front facade so squat. The back shot looks much better and is much more convincing of the style. Some arches or a built-up front gate would have helped.

And although I love the floors and I'm a big fan of the walnut color, the kitchen seems very drab to me. I'm dying for some color or even a shot of white for contrast (and not just the dish or canisters). They all look like lovely materials, but all together, they seem to be washing out.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Overall, I like it. I echo the comments above, though. I like the floors, but they're very trendy and not for everyone. I think she could have spent some money to put either taller/more (Spanish-colonial revival) or shorter/wider (early CLiff May) windows in the two prominent front rooms -- that would have eliminated some of the redone-builder-ranch look. I think she should have lost the original brick screen walls in the entry courtyard and replaced them with something more in keeping with the Spanish-y reno. The curved tile, dovecote-like screen wall inside could have been repeated in the courtyard, as smaller openings in more solid walls.

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I like the remodel. I like that is simple, clean look, I agree the kitchen is a bit brown, but I welcome that in a purchase to accent myself. I'm tired of too much Spanish look, of course the roof is tile, but I like the ranch or hacienda feel without it being too much.
I like houses that are not too much of one style, Too much Spanish in Santa Barbara gets very tiresome. I love the old ranch look, but I like updated old ranch.
Most interesting to me, how much will she make on this flip, pretty fast redo and back on the market. Her list started at 2mil over purchase, we'll see how it works out for her, of course I don't know how much she put into the remodel.

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The story said she put in $2 million "not counting design and architect fees."

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