Black Exterior Single French Door ?

cindyinctApril 22, 2013

I believe it was Katie Bob's 2nd kitchen that had an exterior door that was black (a single french door style). Someone else on this blog said they copied it. I'm trying to remember who that was. Does anyone remember? I'd like to find out if the door was a wood painted door, and if so, what color and type of paint was used.


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One thing to consider is if you have double paned insulated glass, and most people should in order to keep the warm/cold out, then painting your door a dark color will void the warranty. You would need to find a manufacturer that offers black as a special order color and is willing to guarantee the integrity of the seal between the glass.

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Perhaps they did order a black special order door. That's what I'm trying to figure out. I stopped at a local door shop and was told they didn't have any black doors.

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We installed an exterior double paned, insulated glass, single french door during our kitchen reno.
There was no restriction on what color the door was going to be painted.
Ours is a fiberglass door.
Would that make a difference?

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see link

Here is a link that might be useful: dotcomgone's kitchen

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Thanks beekeeperswife. That was very helpful. I believe katieob15 and someone else did a black door as well. The 2nd person even mentioned that she copied katie's door in her notes. Do you remember who that was? I don't see Katie's kitchen in the finished kitchen blog.

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