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kib96March 26, 2013

We just finished renovating our ranch house kitchen/living area - and just have the bathrooms left to remodel and update. We have two baths in the house currently, one in the hall which is used for both children as well as guests and a master bath. We have plans to add a half bath on the other side at a later date.

I am having trouble finding the best way to maximize our space in the hall bath. It is rather large for the size of house (12âÂÂ-6âÂÂx7âÂÂ-7âÂÂ). At minimum I want the toilet & shower separated from vanity - but would love the kids to have more privacy as well. We could fit two separate baths all together, but that seems like over-improving the house.

The ideas here seem so very creative, and I would love some suggestions from others more experienced than myself!

Here is a pic of our first draft

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That seems like a perfectly fine/logical layout. (I might swap the location of toilet and small linen closet, and then, instead of pocket, you could even do a swing door between the 2 halves of the bath).

But, do you need/want that much linen space? Would you maybe prefer to have 2 separate vanities? How many kids share this space?

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I agree....the layout looks good but I think the door opening directly onto a sink area would bother me. What if you located the sinks opposite each other, either centered along each wall or near the pocket door wall. Cabinets/storage could be built on each side, or on one end.

If the kids need more privacy entering/exiting the bathroom, you could install a door in the area where the linen closet is. You would then need to rearrange the BR so the doors aren't back to back, or another option would be to relocate the Bedroom hall door.

Here's one example. You can see others on

Traditional Bathroom by Bethesda Design-build Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

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Thank you. We were actually looking at something similar, having each child (only 2 will share this) a vanity on either side. The builder suggested staggering the vanities so the kids are not standing in the same middle part of the room - but I was having a hard time visualizing it.

I accidentally posted this in two threads, and here is a suggestion from someone in the bathrooms. I like this idea a lot, but wondering about all the doors and loss of storage.

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Ya, I agree, too many doors and more wasted space. Plus, it'll still be difficult to use the sink if someone wants to come in or leave.

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We could move the door, maybe.

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I thought you wanted it divided so 2 kids could use it at the same showering and the other at the vanity?
I don't think you'll like the toilet having center stage between the vanities,

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At first I really wanted to have a jack n jill where they each have a private vanity. But, I think it will just be too crowded - so thinking we'll stick with the door between the vanity and shower area.

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I would go back to the plan at the top of the thread, but either swap the sinks with the linen closet, or put one sink on each side of the room.

Are your kids boys or girls? My sons have shared a bathroom for 12 years, with one sink, and never had a problem with it. They rarely find they have to shave or brush their teeth at the same time.

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I think the most popular plan is two sinks across from each other. I have a boy and a girl. The biggest issue has been not having a door between the shower/toilet and sinks.
Thank you!

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