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sue_bMarch 25, 2012

I need advice on what might be a common problem. We are long married and we are not agreeing on the next big house project. Me: replace this front walkway/sidewalk. DH: wood burning fireplace insert for our traditional living room fireplace. Both are very big ticket items. I am off to the fireplace insert store to become educated and try to see his side. But look at this sidewalk! After I took this pic we took down the Xmas lights. So I need both suggestions from marriage counselor types on what this guy needs to hear to convince him. He has NO problem with this sidewalk. I don't have the estimate yet but our contractor says this will be 3000 pounds of pavers, and he told me pavers are half the price of stone. My inspiration pics after this photo must be stone but now I know I need to go with pavers. I'd love suggestions or pix of what type of sidewalk design, and what types of plantings, would be an improvement. Thanks in advance! We're in Northern Virginia and we aren't looking for high maintenance plantings. It's almost 100% shade in this spot.

inspiration pix

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Sophie Wheeler

I'm sorry but I agree with your husband. What you have currently is much nicer looking than what you propose to replace it with. You'll actually enjoy a more usable fireplace much more.

If you want a new paver walkway, then get busy DIYing it. It's not that hard except on your back. It's just grunt labor over a summer. But if you're going to pick something like a mixed paver, at least make sure they are all in the same color family and that color works with the house itsef. Your examples are not a great look to emulate.

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I'm with hollysprings -- I like the look of your walk. An aged brick walk is so welcoming! Are any of the bricks so high that they pose a tripping hazard? If so, you can reset those.

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More agreement. If you want to freshen it, neaten the landscape edging around it.

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I love what you currently have unless it's a tripping hazard. It's got charm and character. The proposed replacement sidewalk has a clean, wider, more open feel. Is that what's appealing to you? To me it appears a good clean-up or trim back of your existing foliage would make a huge difference. Or you could add a clean-edge paver alongside your existing walkway. Ask your husband if he'd be willing to do or hire that done and then give him the fireplace insert. Could be a win-win for both of you.

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Another marriage saved by the Home Remodeling forum! Thank you so much for showing me what is right in front of my face. We'll get that fireplace insert and at the same time clean up the beds for a fresh start. When the tripping hazard gets to be too much down the road we'll reuse the bricks and keep the charm. It's pretty uneven now but I've seen worse. Thank you so much for this well said and practical advice.

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Do you meant to tell me he left the Christmas lights up until March?

That walkway has "character", but, I see your side...sorta.
Fireplace probably more important, but, you can DIY the walkway (as has been mentioned).
Clean up around it, remove the walkway if you don't like it. Then..RE-LAY the old bricks back better. Closer together, sand bed, edging, etc. (Lowes sells books that have step by step instructions). OR, Google it.

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