Best approch on a drywall crack

PapuZMarch 3, 2014

The corner seams where 2 walls meet was filled with painters caulk as opposed to drywall tape and mud. The caulking is now cracking and I see a wee bit of lift. . In your opinion. should I remove the caulking, then tape and mud, or simply tape and mud on top. I would like to tape and mud on top of the caulking instead of removing it, but am thinking about the differences of expansion and contraction rates of mud on top of caulking. HELP. please and thanks. Inside walls, house,

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A picture would be best. Is this an inside or outside corner? I would remove the caulk and old Spackle and tape. Use a A sharp utility knife, screw driver and a small putty knife to cut out a space 1/4 wider than tape. This will make it alot easier to tape and spackle and not built out the wall any more than it needs to be

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Assuming this is a fairly new installation and things are, over time, drying out at different rates. You MAY be able to get away with the patch but I don't think it will last. Better to bite the bullet and clean the old stuff out and begin fresh. Depending upon how deep you have to go to remove the old stuff it may take a few applications to build it out. Let each coat dry thoroughly before adding the next.

This is such a pain in the neck. I know because as I sit here I am looking at a crack in my new wall and ceiling, and I had pros do it. The guy is coming out to look at it today.

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