Need to add Bathroom somewhere?

justinjkMarch 3, 2014

I am doing a full remodel basicly a rebuild of my house of last 5 years. I am getting to the end and want to install a 2nd bath. When I framed and finished Master I include a space for a small bathroom. But I didnt have money to finish it so I just drywalled it and am using it as WIC. I had planned on adding a closet across back wall of bedroom once bathroom fixtures were added. Now I dont want to loose that space. Will only have 11x13 master. So now Im back to planning.
Only thing I can think of is to add door into living room so I can loose hallway going to MBD. I really doing want to do this. I already insulated this wall for sound and I still hear tv a little. Plus it is a little weird.
I originally had master bedroom were living room is but living space was too small so I reworked layout.

I installed trusses so there is no load bearing interior walls. The bath that is done has electrical panel on end wall so i dont want to move that wall. I built one big bedroom for 2 little girls and when they got older I was going to wall up in between rooms. So there needs to be a door and closet would be nice. Anything else can be moved.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I"d move your master bedroom wall to between the right hand and middle (slider door?) and make it straight. And, then, add your closet somewhere in your now enlarged bedroom. That is probably still "messing with your insulated wall", but frankly, putting a closet along that wall will give you better sound insulation anyway.

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Thanks for the input. That would make for a nicer masterbed room including the sliding door in it. But the living room is already a little small. 14x14 moving wall over 3 feet would make it 14x11 and my furniture would not fit without being in middle of walkway. Thought of switching livingroom and dining but like the idea of hiding the living room around the corner.

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I think im going to move washer and dryer forward 5'. So you would walk from bath into a 5x5 WIC. It will be tight but its the only thing I can think of. Debating on an addition off back of the house too but I dont want to jump into a project that big right now.

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