How to proceed with hiring hw floor refinisher

klauMarch 3, 2013

This is the first time we are hiring a contractor to work on our home. We are looking for someone to finish the oak floor for the entire downstair, stairs, and install new oak flooring in the den to match the rest of the house. We met with multiple contractors and found one we like. Here are a few of our first-timer questions. Any input would be appreciated!
-He is suggesting one coat of stain and three coats of synteko finish.We are going from a neutral stain to a dark stain. Is one coat of stain typical?
-The contractor is planning to install white oak select flooring in the den. Should I be asking him for the brand?
- Is it appropriate to ask to visit the contractor's current job sites to view his work?
- What essential items should I make sure are included in the contract: start/end date; job description; quote; brands of materials used; payment terms; anything else?
- A paint job to paint the oak baseboards white is also included in the bid. He told me he has a painter who will do the job. Should I ask if that painter has insurance or if the painter will be covered by his insurance?


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It's not inappropriate to ask him any question you feel needs to be answered. Get everything in writing including who's paying the painter. What if he damages your wall, door, etc. with the sanding belt on his machine? Who's doing the actual work, guiding the floor sander and applying the finish, Dust can be a real issue, ask how he handles it cuz you don't want it getting everywhere in your house. Ask for proof of current good-standing license and insurance from anybody entering your property to work. I'm surprised he didn't show you that documentation when you originally met with him. Check him out with your State's Contractor board. I Watch the process if possible. Super Important: The white oak being brought in for the den, make sure it's at your home and acclimating at least 7 days before it's installed.

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