Not happy about registers on the ceilings.

winesnobMarch 13, 2012

They are putting in my new AC unit today, a new Trane. We got new duct for the system also. My ceiling is so busy with all the new can lights, I wanted to put nickle registers from RW, they are reasonable and would tie in nicely with my polished nickle faucets. AC contractors says that I need the registers on the ceiling because of drafts and whistling noise. Is this true? Would you want yours on the wall or ceiling. They put a new return in the bedroom also and there is another outside the door in hallway.....

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Does not make sense to me. Ok for cooling,since cold air sinks, but silly for heating.

And I never heard of whistling and drafts being caused by ducts exiting at or near floor level.

If that were my installer, they would have to show me a WHOLE lot of proof for those claims.

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As far as color, I like them to blend in wherever they are and paint them accordingly. I'd never want to see a nickel colored register just because the fixtures in the room were nickel because I don't want to view the register as something to notice. I'd rather it just disappear into the background visually.
We went through a lot of trouble to get our registers on the ceiling in our current build so I'm smiling at your disappointment! The "normal" way that it's done here in VA is to put floor registers on the upper floor and ceiling registers in the basement so we were making them do something that was out of the norm.

My take on this is that it's mainly for cost and ease of installation. Everyone kept telling me that it was because of the heat rising, but noone seemed to extrapolate this principle to the basement! :)

I was adamant about not having them on the floor so that furniture placement wouldn't be compromised and I wouldn't get dirt and dog hair in the registers. No wonder there is a big business in cleaning ducts!

We sized the systems accordingly to take into account the extra ductwork required. Also we were very anal about the locations in regard to ceiling lights and cans.

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the hole for registers is 13 1/2 SQ and I guess that is part of the eye pop for me. I was used to seeing the standard size ones. I am sure it will be fine and what you have said about the blending in - I get that and agree. My bedroom just got 8.6 feet wider so today was the first look, it takes a bit to take it all in after knocking down you bedroom wall. Thanks for your input....and my GC would thank you too. Another issue put to rest.

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