Windows in Master Bedroom-What Would You Do?

bhowlMarch 2, 2012

We are renovating an urban brownstone and playing with the idea of making a large window (well, really, 3 individual windows side by side) in the middle of the master bedroom (top floor-north facing) as opposed to three big ones that span the width of the room.

Our contractor doesn�t recommend it for two reasons. One is that with larger windows comes larger window treatments and those can be expensive. However, more critically, he has said that the light will not disperse across the room and therefore doesn�t recommend it.

What would you do?

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Long wall with three closely spaced windows on a that wall?

In the US, north facing walls get no direct sunlight. That means any light coming in that side will basically be reflected light. Locating windows as you plan will make the room ends dark and dismal.

Example: Our house has the longest living space wall on the north side of the house. There are three rooms on that side. A bedroom with two west facing windows and a north facing window. The center office with one north facing window. And the living room with two north facing windows about 6" apart and basically centered on the wall and four east facing windows side by side.

At any time of the day, the darkest room---no inside light shades/curtains open---is the office. To work there requires a light. No lights are necessary in either of the other rooms until dark. But, the reason is the east and west facing windows. The north facing windows are noticeably darker.

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What does each variation do to furniture placement? Is this an issue?

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I would probably weigh the effect on furniture placement and the look from the outside in order to decide between 3 windows all together or spaced out. My gut instinct is that the 3 windows spaced out would look better from the outside but it depends on the other architectural features.

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so the issue is if the windows should be set close to each other as opposed to a bit apart from each other?
if so, my builder suggested clustering them close to each other and i said no. now i know that when they're close together the view is less broken up. so if the view is important the windows may want to be close together.

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In a renovation I would look at (1) the impact it has on the exterior--does it look right on the house--, and (2) any effect it had on furniture placement inside (3) is there adequate room for the right kind of window treatments for the room.

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