machine quilting problem

maritime_lindaSeptember 22, 2012

Hello quilters, I've been away from the forum as I've spent most of our glorious summer at my cottage and am now tackling my collection of ufo' major one down..a million to go!!....well it feels like a million, 4 or 5 would probably be more accurate. Today I decided to machine quilt a cross-hatch design on a little table topper that I had done a while back. I have not done any machine quilting with my current machine (Husqvarna Platinum 715) other than some meandering. Anyway, it has not gone well at all. I used a walking foot, chose heavy weave on the fabric selector which gave me a 3.5 for stitch length. When I began a line, the stitch seemed ok...but as I continued, the stitch became extremely short (wicked to pick out). It was as if the weight of the quilt was slowing the machine as the fabric wasn't feeding through easily. (feed dogs were up as they should be) I am going out of my mind ripping out 2 long stitching lines as the stitches are so fine in places. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone have this machine? I have already made a little hole in my fabric with the seam ripper that I can hopefully hide by taking the seam in a bit. I really don't want to have to rip out anymore. If I just do a small piece of fabric as a sample, it works fine The machine did come with a small quilt table attachment which I did not use and think perhaps that may have helped.

I am feeling thoroughly disgusted as I haven't accomplished a blessed thing today.

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Hi Linda!

I think maybe your quilting table attachment might help. It sounds like there is too much drag on the quilt when the feeddogs are trying to feed it through.

Try to have all the quilt up on the table and place tables, ironing boards, etc. around you so that there is 'table' space for the quilt to rest on.

It is very important to decrease the drag. If a small sample works fine, then I don't think it's the machine.

Hope that helps! And welcome back!

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I do not have that machine, but I suggest you replace the needle, rethread the machine, taking the spool completely off the machine and beginning from scratch, also start with a new rewound bobbin.....then loosen the tension just a tiny bit.
Check under the needle plate for accumulated dust or a stray thread.
And use the quilt table attachment to help minimize the drag.
I'm sorry you are having such a frustrating time. It must be a small setting, or hiccup - the reason to eliminate needle, thread, etc.
Think about your glorious summer at your cottage. :)

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I'd do as magotherivergirl says. I was stitching merrily along the other day and things were perfect. All of a sudden the tension was wrong and nothing I tried would correct it. Finally changed the needle, cleaned the bobbin area, rethreaded the machine and set the tension back where it had been. Worked a miracle. Everything was AOK again!

P.S. I'm new here and your summer sounds delightful. Looks like I'm at the very least, Linda number 3.

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As a new quilter, I've had that happen too when I was working on my first large project, and I agree with Jennifer because that's exactly what I found my problem was. My problem was definitely the drag of the quilt!

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Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies. I think it's a drag issue too, but find it surprising as the topper I'm working on is not all that big. I am going to use the table attachment and change the needle before trying again. I still have a section of miniscule stitches (more like dots!!) to rip out. I put it aside last night and chose another UFO from my stock to work on. Unfortunately it also involves machine quilting, but it's zigzagging along raw edges so it's going better. I am determined to make a dent in the UFO's before beginning something new although I will probably begin a scrappy charity quilt of squares that will hopefully take my stash down a bit.

Dreary Sunday afternoon here on Canada's east coast. Great day to sew or read....going to try and do a bit of both!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

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