Is it time to introduce ourselves????

rosajoe_gwSeptember 21, 2010

We have some new members and maybe we can introduce ourselves. Welcome everyone, this is a group of warm, helpful, and generous members. If you are a lurker (no prob with that,lol, some people prefer to just look and listen) please introduce yourself to us too!

My name is Rosa (alas rosajoe) retired from Orlando, Fl and moved back to my hometown of a small (and getting smaller with the economy probs) town in coastal Georgia. We are so small that we have one high school for the entire county. We grow the famous Vidalia onions.

Love, love, love this forum. Hate, hate, hate the gremins, but it has been so much better lately!!!!

I am a hand quilter learning (slowly) to machine quilt. I also knit prayer shawls and crochet afghans. Lately I have been wanting to do redwork by hand and maybe hand piece a quilt top.

How about you??????


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Hi I am new here. Always great to meet other quilters. My aunt taught me how to quilt when I was younger on a suspended frame. I did not start quilting on my own as a hobby until many years later, in 2000. I mostly hand-quilt, and am learning as I go. I usually have a large quilt project that takes several years to hand-quilt and then smaller quilt projects in between that I work on to break the monotony. I have sewn 1 quilt top on the sewing machine, but mostly hand-quilt. And when I make queen-size quilts I sit on my bed and use a hoop that I can sit on my lap. I just learned this summer how to applique so am excited about that. I participated in the RR Seeds N Stitches Swap earlier this month and was just kind of curious so am browsing through the Quilt Forum today to learn a little bit more about quilting swap groups.

Best to you,
Sandra aka quiltingfox

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Hi! I am Mary. My forum name is tuppermom because when I joind back in 2005 I was a Tupperware manager. I have moved on but am not sure if I can change my forum name. I was born in Chicago and lived in South Bend, Ind. until I was 10 yrs old. I have lived in The Toronto area ever since (my kids say I am more Canadian than American but I disagree!) My first quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted but most of my piecing is done by machine now. I still hand quilt the smaller quilts and wallhangings but either have the bedsize quilts machine quilted or hand quilted by a local church group. I have a very large stash and many PHDs (projcts half done) I love to piece and paperpiece but the beautiful looking applique can be done by someone else. lol I do have a couple of applique PHDs that I have been working on for a number of years.
When my Grandma passed away she had a quilt in her frame for me but was not able to finish it. My uncles knew that the quilt was mine so when they were going through all of her things to set up the estate sale, anything to do with quilting or crafts came to me. I have her Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks that are partially done that I work on whenever I need a portable project, and enough autograph blocks to make a double size quilt. These were given to her when the family moved from White Heath, IL to Tuscola, IL in 1935. She did make a quilt from some of them but had way too many for 1 quilt. There are also some "orphaned blocks" and a set of blocks made from shirting. I hope to use all of these blocks in quilts one day.

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Well, hi, everyone! I'm Donna, still in Orlando, FL! (LOL Rosa!) Actually, I live in Winter Garden, west of Orlando. I have a wonderful hubby, Mark...been married 27 years. And we have 2 spoiled rotten cats, Max & Penny.

I started knitting at about age 6; mom taught me to sew clothes a couple years later. I really got bitten by the quilt bug back in 2005 when I attended a local quilt show. After the show I joined the guild! I also still knit, and crochet, and do cross stitch. I also like to read a lot.

Mark & I are both involved in lots of musical activities at our church, which is also where I work.


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Hi tuppermom nice to meet you. I am still learning as I go here - what is paper piecing? I can remember when I was quite little my mom cutting out quilt pieces by pinning paper templates to them and then she would cut them out, not sure if that is what you mean by paper piecing??? And what are autograph blocks?

Best to you,

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Hi, my name is Jackie. I am married and have one son who is 24 and out of the house. I live in Cleveland, TN. I have always loved quilts, but did not start quilting until about 3 years ago. I mostly machine piece and machine quilt. I have diabetic neuropathy in my hands and have starting doing some hand applique for therapy. I belong to a local art quilters group. I joined to expand my skills. I work full time in the IT field and also teach at a local college 3 nights per week. Working on quilts is my 'me' time. I have been involved in the Birthday blocks for the past 2 years and now in the Round Robin.


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I'm Karlene and joined this forum about 5 years ago because I needed help looking for some patterns. I started quilting when my oldest was a baby - that was 21 years ago now! I stick to machine piecing and quilting as I am impatient and like to finish projects and move on to the next one. I grew up in Colorado and moved to Western NY 9 years ago. I also work part time at our church. This is my youngest's senior year of H.S. My DH is a book dealer (just shut down his Electrical Contracting Co. after being an electrician for 30 yrs) and so now we go together on weekends looking for books which has significantly added to my quilt books, patterns and fabric stash. (Well, I do look for other things!) And I'm a cat person, although I do enjoy other people's dogs.

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Hello, friends! I'm Teresa and I live in North Carolina where it is still too warm for mid-September. I've been quilting for about 25 years or so. Have also taught some classes and made quilts on commission for customers. My two sons are grown and out of my house, but I have a mini poodle, Andy, who sometimes rules the roost. I've been on this Forum for about 10 years now. To fund my hobbies I work full time at the corporate office of a textile company. We make Sunbrella fabrics as well as other performance fabrics. I'll be going to the Retreat in a couple of weeks - yay!!! 2010 has not been a productive year quilting wise, but I hope to do more in the remaining months. I need to re-stock my Etsy shop.

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Hello everyone, my name is Jayne aka nanajayne. I have 5 grands and 8 1/2 GG's, oh yes,2 daughters + a DH for almost 60yrs. I am a retire OR nurse.
I have been here for a few years, can't recall how many. I really enjoy the fellow quilters, their help and input.
I live in upstate NY in the Fingerlake reg. and have for most of my life, 77 yrs.
I started quilting in 1978, the yr. my frist GD was born. My first quilt was all hand done but the only one I have completely hand pc..I do hand quilt some of my quilts-others are done on the machine or by someone's long arm.
I love heirloom sewing but don't have a call for it anymore. I have given up most of my other hand crafts, feeling that I prefer to use the time quilting and playing on the computer.
This is an interesting thread, love learning about my friends. Jayne

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Hi! I am Linda and I live in northwest Ohio. I have been quilting for about 10 years. I also work at my church part time. I am making a table runner each month this year. I just finished sewing the Oct. runner. I also am working on a baby quilt for DS's best friend. My masterpiece quilt is the Double Wedding Ring that I just gave to my DD and DSIL for their 2nd anniversary. I now have another DWR started and have reserved a quilting time with the longarm quilter for November 2011.
Linda OH

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I've quilted since the mid-80's. I hated sewing growing up, all I wanted to do was be out in the woods with the boys, climbing trees, throwing rocks at alligators, etc. What a shame because my grandmother was a professional seamstress and I could have learned a lot from her if I had payed attention. I'm pretty much self-taught, only took one class in free-motion quilting. But I use this forum, TV shows and the internet to learn as much as I can. I quilt by machine and by hand. I mostly machine-piece, though. I've done one quilt entirely by hand, pieced, quilted, and bound, just to prove I could. I also often tie or tack quilts. My favorite pattern to do is log-cabin, but I love star patterns and especially like scrap quilts. I don't like to have a lot of projects going at one time, but that's just me. I also don't like to commit to a project, if I plan to make something for someone I make it in secret and surprise them. I found this site after I discovered the garden forum, that's also one of my pastimes. We live in Central Florida, just celebrated our 40th anniversary. We have one son and 3 grandchildren. My other creative endeavors are landscape painting, cooking, flower arranging. I also am very interested in identifying the native plants that grow in this area. I love this website, just wish there was a forum on painting in pastels, that would be the icing on the cake.

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G'Day Everyone! This is Kristene (TinyTeena) from Australia. I've been a member for 4 years and next year I'm helping Jeanne to co-ordinate the 2011 BB Exchange. I've been married for 39 years and have a son (36) and daughter (38). My husband and I were both teachers but now we're both retired. I have always enjoys all handcrafts, especially knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, leadlighting, cardmaking, scrapbooking, screenprinting, sewing. I retired due to ill health and went to patchwork classes to meet people and learn something new. My first quilt was King size - took about 5 years to make since many times I was too ill and unsteady to work on it. It's based on Japanese Family Crests with some blocks in applique, some in crazy patchwork and some in sashiko quilting. The entire top was pieced by hand, but I had it professionally quilted. As I have become well, I have been able to use my machine for patchwork and it is faster! I still do love English paper piecing, applique and needle turn applique. I have a "Memories of Japan" Wall hanging (half finished) using all these techniques which I must finish! I was an Exchange Teacher to Japan in 1995/96, thus explaining my interest in Japan and Japanese prints.

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I'm next. My DH and I, both retired engineers, live with an elderly, blind uncle with dementa in the San Francisco Bay area and because this ties me down, quilting has become my passion. I can bring in all the toys and fabric and stay home and still do something I love. We have another elder in a nearby nursing home and a 90 yr old who doesn't need our help yet because she has a younger boyfriend and is never home. Our time revolves around elder care at this point in our lives. We take turns getting away but can't go anywhere together. that's why I'm looking forward to retreat so much.

We have 5 children, 11 grandchildren and usually have a few here for Xmas. None live near by so that is our event of the year.

I sewed most of my life so quilting was a good fit since I don't feel like making my own clothes anymore. Could but don't want to!

I also volunteer at an historic railroad and recently passed my test as a brakeman. DH also volunteers there but we don't go at the same time.

I do lots of home maintenance, building and was in the tool industry for years, hence the name.

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Hi, I'm Robbi from Kingston, TN (jackier123, we need to get together!!). I've been sewing and doing needle work for about 35 years. Clothing is cheaper to buy now, so I don't do much of that unless it's something special I can't find in a store. Up until about 3 years ago, I was an avid cross stitcher. Then I thought I'd like to see what quilting was like. My first class was a hand applique (Baltimore Album style). It was a year long class and I fell in love :-) I'm still working on the blocks. I have 22 of the 25 that I need for the finished project. From there, I've learned how to machine piece (even bought a quilting machine!!), paper piece and QAYG. I've taken a class on FM quilting, but I've not practiced enough to feel confident with it.

I have several on going projects that I hope to finish if I could only find the time. I have 2 small children (7 and 9) and this year I am the leader of a new Girl Scout troop for my dd (the 7yr old). I've been married to my dh for almost 13 wonderful years and he introduced me to horses. We have 6 on the ranch, so keeping things in order keep us both pretty busy.

I learned about this forum when we were putting a major addition on our house and I stumbled across the kitchen and home decorating forums. We've pretty much finished the addition, so I tend to stick to this forum and have learned so much from all you wonderful quilters!!

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I'm Carol, I currently live in upstate NY.I'm a self taught quilter. Started sewing as a very young child. I got the quilting bug at a very young age after seeing a pic in a magazine of a double ring wedding quilt. I've been hooked ever since.
I've three grown kids, two are married with kids of their own. I've two grandgirls and almost two is due in January.
It's typical for me to have several quilt tops in progress at one time. I'm a fabric-holic and I've passed the disease on to my daughter.
When she was a child I tried teaching her to sew. She had no interest till she went to college. Suddenly she's enrolled in costume design and has a degree in it! LOL

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I'm Tamie, and I am a self-taught quilter (with a little help from here!) and have been quilting about 5-6 years. This has been a wonderful forum and I really enjoy doing the birthday block swaps. I have generally done lap-sized quilts with a few odds and ends in between. I am currently working on a log cabin for my sister in law.

Oh, I am in Montana and have been married for thirty years and we are owned by two spoiled cats.

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Hi! I'm Kate, another Orlando FL quilter. I made my first quilt over 35 years ago, inspired by the scrappy quilts my Great Aunt made, then didn't make another one for almost 20 years! In the early 1990s I saw a quilt made by Jinny Beyer and was instantly hooked. I made one or two quilts a year after that, but the real addiction didn't start until I moved back to Orlando in 1998. Then I found this forum 4 years ago and quilting has become a passion, even causing me to mostly give up gardening. I was totally self taught until this forum - these great people have been my teachers and my inspiration.

Things I love: jewel tones, 1930's reproduction fabrics, Kaffe Fassette and Jinny Beyer fabrics, free motion quilting, Micheal Miller retro fabrics, paper piecing.
Things I struggle with but want to master: hand applique, scrappy quilts, dying my own fabric, time management!
Things I will never love: Sunbonnet Sue, Civil War fabrics, Thimbleberries

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I'm Patsy, in Spring Hill TN. I'm a divorced and disabled mother of two sons, one just off to college and one 15yo. I'm an MD anesthesiologist before I developed neurological degeneration in my spinal cord, and I've been stable now for over six years. I get around okay and drive without much problem. I'm also an organic gardener with a pretty big daylily collection, and a few of my own hybridized seedlings in the backyard. My only crafty type hobby had been counted cross stitch.

One day I offered to stop by my LQS to find the widest variety of solid greens for my mom to choose path colors on her GMFG. She asked me to look around, and if I saw something really striking in hot pink to get her a quarter yard. (Now, I bet I have 200 yards of fabric in my spare room.)
I decided to try my hand at a baby quilt for my niece and that was my big learning project. I started and abandoned a black cathedral windows, and started an Applecore charm quilt, kind of a fabric album, with all the beautiful fabric I couldn't live without. It's about done, but I've started another quilt off the cover of July 09 Quiltmaker.

That's it. I'm a newbie. I do everything by hand with a needle and thread so far, and I do love hand quilting the very best. I don't usually do much quilting in summer. I've been on this forum talking about this Applecore for about two years now,(gee, is it three years? It is, isn't it...) so you folks who feel less productive than some here can relax.

I have bunches of books and bunches of thimbles and bunches of fabric. I have extremely bright lights.

I found this forum along the way and got inspired to dust off my never used machine to learn a bit on the Lotto blocks. Then I did a Lotto paper piece block!!! I never would have done that without you guys.

Now I have a Storm at Sea brewing in my head. :)

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Hi all! I'm Dee living in NW Iowa. I work for county government as a veteran's advocate counseling and helping vets obtain the benefits they so deserve. DH and I have two children, a 27 yr old son in Colorado working towards his PHD in Political/Economic Geography and a 24 yr old daughter with some learning disabilities who lives at home with us. Two years ago, we moved into our dream home and I am so enjoying it!

I learned to sew at a very young age and throughout the years made lots of clothing as the kids were growing up. For many years, I took a break from sewing as work got busier. A couple of years ago, some health issues prompted me to begin machine piecing/quilting as I need a stress outlet. My old sewing machine had bit the dust from lack of use for so many years and the computer board was shot. No stash either so I am a loose cannon when exposed to any fabric outlet! I found an old Kenmore from the early 70's with a cabinet for a whopping $4 at a local thrift store. It's great for piecing but limits any quilting other than SITD because it is so basic. I am saving to upgrade in the next few months. Can't wait to learn to FMQ and DD is waiting for Mom to let her have the Kenmore! :)

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I'll jump in next. I'm Sue and was born in Iowa (NW - Spirit Lake) but have lived in Colorado since 1980. Retired from teaching 7-9th graders this year but am still subbing for a while - I still need my kid fix! Married to DH 30 years & have soon-to-be 25 yr old son. He's an engineer but gave it up to work summers at a camp for kids with learning disabilities and director of an afterschool program during the school year. (maybe his teacher mom did wear off on him!) DH is retired & we have a 3-year old Mini-Australian shepherd, Penny along with a "Granddog" Lucy. We have a small motor home & love traveling - eventually we plan to drive to Panama.

Mom taught me to sew 40+ years ago & have been quilting for 15+ years but still have SO MUCH to learn. I started off with "quilter-friendly" baby panels handquilting and moved on to piecing & handquilting. Now I machine piece & machine or hand quilt - depending on the project. Have a queen-size quilt I am hand quilting for the last 9+ years ... I have been doing some FMQ but it is a challenge with my Pfaff. Paper piecing is a HUGE challenge but I've given it a try on small projects.

I found this forum 5 years ago & love it! I've been lucky enough to meet 2 fellow quilters - Toolgranny & WYNative. Its great participating in the block lottos, birthday blocks & I'm so excited about the Round Robin ... I have too many UFOs and too many projects I want to do ... :)

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My Page & "new & feeling guilty" tells the basics. i'm marie (legally Lola Marie) I do cheater piecing and hand quilting. My baby brother calls me blitz(y) because im so absent minded, thus the handle. I was on medical leave for most of 2008 and on unemployment since Feb 2009. i've had a lot of quilt patterns/books pass through my hands, but about 4 years ago i passed them all along. i grew up in the san joaquin valley, ca where i live again. my hubby, of 18 months, and i live in a tiny mother-in-law type apt behind Mama's house.

i think the type of projects i'm most proud of is Baby Identity quilts ( taking pre-printed baby panels and embroidering the baby's fist name across the top center, the middle name bottom center, birth date down the left side, length and weight down the right, then finish quilting them.). gifts mostly.

I was feeling pretty down when i stumbled onto the sewing forum and from there: quilting, embroidery, and tole painting. i feel like i have met some neat friends and for that i am very grateful. now i really have something to look forward to every day. Thanks everyone.

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Hi! I'm Cindy - dragging along on the tail end here - a little behind lately! I joined the forum a little over a year ago - stumbled upon it while browsing (good luck for me!!) I had recently closed my quilt shop (fire,flood & economy - survived the fire & flood, gave up w/the economy!:(
My mom taught me to quilt, she is an artist & avid seamstress who can sew anything & build a house,too. She's my idol but I'll never equal her talents. I machine piece & machine quilt (Gammill) & my DH also has learned the longarm - better than me, actually. We have been married 41yrs (in 2 wks) & had 6 children. We've since lost 2, one to illness & one to a drunk driver. 3 of our children live here in our city, one in Chicago. Our 2 DGS are the love of our lives & we can never see enough of them. We were foster parents for 7yrs to nearly 30, exact # escapes me & our albums were all lost in the flood. Since closing the store I provide day care to 6 wonderful children, including the most adorable 7mo old little girl who has wrapped herself around our hearts. My DH loves having his day off when she's here - & spoils her, of course!
We are active in our church, sing in a contemporary praise band, love geocaching & spending time together doing anything or nothing.
I have on-line met some incredible people on this forum & am so excited that we are attending the retreat in 2 weeks!! I can hardly wait! There is one special lady who I have a huge hug waiting for...
LOVE LOVE the birthday block swap & the monthly swap - they are SO much fun! I encourage everyone new to take a look & seriously consider joining next year. You'll be glad you did:)
Yes, I tend to ramble when I write - seriously do NOT talk as much as I write LOL Have enjoyed reading up on all of you, new & old alike. Hope more of you will jump in!!
Off to quilt!...

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I'm another Linda from NW Ohio. I've been a member here for several years. Learned to quilt from a great aunt who made some amazing quilts. I have never tried hand piecing but I do hand quilt as well as machine quilt. Our older daughter was married last spring so that, and the summer weather, interupted my qulting for awhile, but I'm getting back into the mood again now.

I still work full time so I don't get to sew or post as often as I would like, but I do try to check in here just about every day to see what's going on. You are all a great source of inspiration and information!! Thanks!!

Cindy, I noticed you mentioned geocaching--our kids have gotten us into that just a few months ago--lots of fun!!


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My name is Theresa, I live in Windsor, Ontario, across the river from Detroit.
I have been visiting the site for some time and have made a few comments. I thoroughly enjoy reading all the posts and seeing the beautiful pictures of work done by the members. Very inspiring!
My mother was a remarkable seamstress and my two sisters and I learned to sew early on. She did not quilt but one of my early memories was a bag of quilt squares she inherited from her older sister. Those squares were my first practice pieces at sewing and one of my recent quilts was dedicated to Aunt Lena "whose quilt squares got me started". And my mother did eventually put them together for a quilt for one of our boys.
I have been married for 56 years, have 7 children and 8 grandchildren. None of the children live in this area. We have a son in Australia, one in France and the others are scattered across Canada. I sewed for all the children as they grew and once they left home, I discovered quilting.
Every child has had at least one quilt, some have had two. Every grand has had at least two, and the next ones will be wedding quilts. I make many baby quilts for friends and bazaars. Right now I am making chemo quilts and have done about a dozen of them.
We have a grandson in Afghanistan and I just heard about the Canadian program for Quilts of Valour. I know you all have been doing them for some time so I think my next projects will be for that purpose.
I did do a lot of cross stitching but the fingers are getting stiff so I don't do as much of that anymore.
So between quilting, working in the Church library and singing in the choir, life is full.

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Hi, I am Suzy, and I've been hanging around here for four years come spring. Other than two baby quilts, one for my son and one for my son I never finished until my first grandson......I'd never made a quilt until four years ago and that's how I found the quilting forum.

I was a military brat and grew up everywhere, though I moved back to the place where I was born and have lived in this area for thirty four years now and am so glad I found my way back home. We live near a river town in S.E. Ohio in the foothills of Appalachia and have some small acreage where I run a battery of greenhouses and garden. In my former life I worked in engineering in corporate world, and was also a peds/psych nurse at a local hospital. I've been back to my big love of gardening for twenty two years now, and it fits me well. I am married to present hubby (a retired butcher) and we shall be celebrating our silver anniversary at Christmastime. I have chickens, and a little Italian Greyhound and am looking for just the right cat to make this old house complete again.

As for quilting, I carried the directions for a tumbling blocks around for twenty years and finished it for my mother shortly before her death three years ago. This forum helped to keep me grounded and comforted and I'd bring my quilting to her house every night and quilt on the floor under her feet and I haven't stopped quilting since. I think I've done about seven or eight quilts since then and I hope to make all the people I love a quilt of their own before I leave this world. I have a son and daughter and two teenaged grandchildren, and a new grandson who is seven months old now and the apple of Nanny's eye.

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Hello All....what great fun reading about everyone. I mostly lurk but sometimes post. I have learned so much from you wonderful people and reading about you just re-enforces the notion that quilters ARE the most generous people out there.
I live in upstate South Carolina, retired, single for so many years I don't consider myself divorced anymore. :) I have three wonderful children and one grand daughter all of whom live far away. sob.... Anyway, I started quilting only a couple of years ago, returning to sewing after my "working life" was over....and looking for a fun new hobby. I make a lot things mostly purses, bags, totes, home decor kind of things, kitchen items, and some clothes. I haven't made many quilts, maybe 5 or 6 but I have a lot of them in mind and as they say..."so many projects, so little time".
Recently discovered redwork and have been busy perfecting my skill at that.
I love this forum and while I don't post very often, I read it everyday and so enjoy hearing about and seeing your projects. Inspiration abounds.

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Hello :D

I am Marie and live in Wyoming (the only WY person on these forms I think LOL) I have 2 children: Son is 25 and is blessing me with my first Grandbaby in April :) and my daughter just turned 16. Besides quilting and other crafts, I am an avid FOOTBALL fan (my friends & family say it is more of an obsession) and love to fish.

I attempted sewing on my Grandmothers antique trendle machine, yes the ones before electricity with a leather belt. It was great fun but didn't really accomplish anything per say, I still have it but it is just for looks now. I really didn't get interested in sewing until I was pregnate with my son. I made my first one out of 2 - 2yd pieces of blue/white plaid cotton and dark blue flannel for the back. I bought satin binding, hand sewed every thing on and hand tied it with plain white yarn, then made one similar for my son but with little boy print for the front. I still have them and use the blue one for watching movies with my daughter.

My Mom's, mom gave me all of her counted cross stitch books and I did that for the most part with a little crocheting/knitting until 3 or 4 years ago. I decided to try making a quilt with blocks after checking out this site and have been hooked ever since.

I enjoy being in the Quilt RR and BB Block exchange - learning something new all the time. I love to be outside and grow just about everything: veggies and all types of flowers in the summer (LOVE Daylilys & Iris) and have lots of house plants and will try any type of seed. I have 6 Avacodo's growing now - not sure what I am going to do with them all when they get to be TREE's but they are fun. Oh, a new one sprouted last week and has 3 sprouts from one seed! very cool IMO

I really enjoy seeing what others are doing - gives me great idea's for new projects. I have 5 to 10 going at an given time to keep from getting bored. I decided to go back to school for Archaeology this fall, I'm enjoying myself but it sure does cut into my crafting/quilting time... So my goal for this weekend it to finish up the September BB's and also my RR row and center.

Have a great weekend all! I am off to my daughters school - she is head cheerleader and homecoming is tonight. GO CYCLONES!!!

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Hi, I'm Carolyn and been on the forum since '01 but not always actively participating. I teach high school and have one son that will graduate college next May. On a school trip I found a quilt shop in Paris, TX, Sew Much More, and I was hooked. I had never seen such beautiful flannels. I was fortunate enough to be invited into a quilt group in '03 and love it. I have since started a group called SitNSew (2 yrs ago). Nothing is better than a bunch of women getting together to sew, quilt, exchange ideas, etc., - just like this forum!!

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Hi all, I am Judy (joobee). I live in Illinois. I love reading, cross stitch and quilting. I have collected more patterns than any five people could do in a lifetime. I have recently returned to quilting after about 6 or 7 years off. My daughter needed a housewarming gift and a replacement for a quilt I made her while she was in middle school (posted pictures under Love Knot quilt)
I am happy to meet everyone here and hope to see even more of your beautiful inspiring works.
I have been married for 40 years and have two grown children and two grandchildren. My sons wife quilts and works at her mother's quilt shop so she and I have lots of fabric fun!
I hope to get to know more about you all and perhaps join in an exchange when I get to know how they work.


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Hi! I'm Carol from Nevada (transplant of 4+ yrs from NJ). Moved out here for a change of life with my DH of 22 years and what a change it's been! We love to travel and just returned from a week in Fl (4 day Disney cruise, 2 days in DisneyWorld).
I've always done some kind of crafting, which is what originally brought me to this site, sewing, cross stitch, crocheting, knitting, paper crafts - you name it, but never did any quilting. I've always wanted to try it, so have been lurking here for quite a while, making comments, asking questions, getting ideas/advice. Thanks to LIndaOH inspiration, I ordered the 12 month table runner pattern and have done 2 so far. I'm working on October's now and have the fabrics to complete Nov and Dec. May try a bigger quilting project next year.
I'm getting ready to purchase an embroidery/sewing machine, have a 35+ yo Kenmore sewing and 16+ yo Singer Serger, so it's time (esp. when both were not working earlier this yr!).
Love reading what everyone is doing, seeing pictures and getting inspired. With rheumatoid arthritis in my hands I use the machines and go at a slower pace, hence don't do many other crafts anymore. Might try a lotto exchange this coming year. Carol

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