Emtek Hardware or cheapy brand?

firstmmoMarch 23, 2010

I am torn between buying all Emtek hardware for the doorknobs on our remodeled home. The difference between the two for a bedroom doorknob is about $30 per knob. That's fairly substantial since I have to replace knobs in the entire house. Do you think that I will regret buying the $20 knobs vs the Emtek $50 knobs??? What has been your experience with door hardware?

I have no experience with this because in all my previous homes, the knobs were already installed when I moved in :)

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You pretty much get what you pay for with door hardware. The cheap stuff works ok with lightly used doors. Not so well with daily use doors.

I have learned that being frugal(tactful way of saying buying cheap stuff) usually winds up being more expensive in the long term. You buy the less expensive knobs, and two wear out/break in a year. If you can still get the same design, ok. If not, now you have to buy all new, or have mismatched knobs.

Example. I used to live in a trailer(tin roof/sides is not a mobile home). The entry door knobs were junk when I bought it used. I bought cheap replacements(trailer, right?)

Finally bought $60 sets(door latch/dead bolt) for each door. That was over 20 years ago. I'd bet they are still there(were two years ago when I left.)

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If you told us what products you are considering it would be possible to offer useful advice.

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macv: The cheapy brand doesn't tell me what they are. Perhaps that's the first clue that they might be a mistake? I am also considering a more mid-point range of Schlage, which are also almost a $15 difference than the Emtek.

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It's not possible to compare unspecified hardware.

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I have had $10 Kwik Sets thruout my house for years..never an issue..not fancy but they work and the finish has not come off....the outdoor sets were a bit more expensive but have held fine as well.

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I have used Schlage for a long time. Have had no problems of which I know. Have used Kwikset also, and needed to replace some of those.

Again, this is an area where, outside of aesthetic cost, you get what you pay for. You can buy a $400 set of hardware for a front door and most of the cost is for the design. You can buy a similar set of Schlage hardware for $150. Or Kwikset for $95.

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Are you getting your prices from a local store or online? I have Emtek hardware in my house and needed to add some more locks and knobs. I found online prices that were significantly lower online than at my local stores.

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Remember, you touch door knobs everyday. If you don't like them, you will be reminded of that. Emtek is good, but there is still decent knobs for less money. We used Emtek ourselves. Egg knob, Oil Rubbed Bronze. Nice feel to them, never regretted it

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Hey firsthouse, have you looked at the satin nickel sets that Lowes has by their store brand, Gatehouse"? They're more than Schlage, less than Emtek. ($30/set when I bought mine, but I think the price has dropped). They are significantly beefier and more solid feeling than the standard ones that HD/Lowes sell. They turn better and feel more sunstantial, and little things like the set screws are nicer.

I really hate the cheapie knob sets. They just feel so chintzy. But I couldn't really afford Emtek or better all over the house. I'm quite happy with these :)

(They also have a classic but somewhat sleek look; perfect for our sort of modern/cottage aesthetic.)

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Thanks Stacey! Will check into this!

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