Selling my mothers house

richidoSeptember 11, 2013


My name is Richie and I have a bit of a story to tell about my mothers attempts at selling her house.

So she still lives in the family house with 4 bedrooms, only one of which is in use (for herself).
The house is large and she now lives on her own (following the passing of my father a few years back and me and my brother moving out to university). She is a 63 year old pensioner and physically cannot afford to live in this large house any longer.
The house has been on the market for around 4 years now, it is for sale as a business property as it currently runs as a small gift shop (with the rest of the house connected behind this).
She physically cannot afford to live here any longer, the bills the house creates are far too large for her and I honestly have no idea how she affords to pay them, I can only imagine the amount of debt she is in from this.

We have tried a various amount of estate agents and receive limited spiking interest from this. However she needs to get out, the bills are causing great stress to her causing her to be unwell. I am genuinely extremely worried for her health now as she is looking worse and worse every time I see her.

I really want to help her in selling the house as I know once she has sold it she will be the person I know her to be again and will be able to actually live the last remaining years of her life to the fullest.
I am writing to ask for advice on what to do in this situation, how can I help her sell this house? What can I do? Is there any assistance out there?
I'm asking for help really I guess, literally any advice or anything would be great.


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If you post her listing many posters here will help you.
One problem is listing it as commercial, you get a different type of buyer who may not want the residence you describe.
Is it possible the house would be attractive for someone wanting income also?
Has she lowered the price during this time? What is your market, how is it doing?

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What feed back did she get from the real estate agents? Is it in a commercial area or a mostly residential area?

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