Should I take the plunge on painting a dark color or no?

ricksampleJune 7, 2012

Currently our walls a yellowish/tan I guess you can call it. I recently painted our nursery a medium tan. I also took that medium tan and put it in our Foyer and did some faux painting on it. Everything turned out great, but the yellowish tan looks like it doesn't belong. I'm not sure if it would make the house to dark or not to paint it a darker color.

Here is a pic of the before. The wall on the right (behind the foyer table) and the closet on the left all around, was faux painted. I really like the warmth it puts off. Now we are thinking of changing our entire base color downstairs and up (2500 SQFT) to a darker tan. About half as dark as the faux base coat.

After I painted the faux in the foyer:

I bought some sample paint, but just still unsure of how dark it will make the house. If anyone else has pics of what they have done please do feel free to post =)

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I would absolutely consider doing it! You did a wonderful faux paint job. You won;t know until you try if it will be too dark for you or not but a Color To Go from Sherwin Williams is so cheap and stretches so far that I'd absolutely try it. I think that you are def. on the right track by keeping it a lighter version of your basecoat.

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Oh yes, do it. You did an incredible job and trust your instincts as you're good at it. I like what you have in mind.

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Thanks everyone! I've decided to take the leap... I will purchase 5 gallons of paint tonight and get started on this Saturday. The more I look at that yellowish/tan against the new faux wall I don't like it. It's like being in two different houses lol.

I will be sure to post more photos once everything is completed. I actually did a cherry/black colored faux wall and a gray/dark gray faux wall too.

The entire house is getting a makeover... all the pictures/fayer table/lamp, etc you see in that photo above is new. I'm trying to get away from the 'basic' house look if that's what you can call it.

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