Help with small front porch design

eks6426March 22, 2011

I have a very plain style house. I would like to add some visual interest by adding a small front porch/roof over my front door. I have been trying to figure out the best style porch/roof for my house. I'd like it to look like it has always been there rather than added as an after thought. The roof could be supported by posts or maybe even brackets coming off the house. It doesn't have to be huge...just enough to give some shelter from rain for someone standing at the front door.

I had a lot of winter damage..front gutter came down and wiped out my front railings. This gives me a chance to redesign the front door area. I am willing to remove or change the door surround as well.

Most of the design recommendations for secondary roofs are to match the pitch of the main roof. I can't do this because the roof peak would be into the window that is above the door.

The roof does not overhang the house much.

Ideas or better yet some photoshop samples would be hugely appreciated. Thank you!

Here is a little roof that I liked but not sure if it would work with my house...

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collins design

Try doing a google image search for "portico".. you'll find many examples of small porches like the one you showed, but various styles. I think a flat roof would look better on your house.

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How about a shed type roof all across the front of the house, above the first floor area?

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I drove around and took pics of some porticos. I would love to do a porch all the way across but that would be too expensive. So here are some pics from today.

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I think your first pic looks great and would not look like an add-on. The last one definitely looks like an add-on, the others not the right style for your home. My 2 cents, worth what you paid :-) Your house is adorable, by the way.

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In your first photo, that element is more properly called a "door hood". A portico has columns, a door hood is cantilevered or supported by brackets.

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Another drive around town yielded this inspiration picture. I kind of like the copper roof combined with the wood.

Also good to know the right terms. Portico & door hood. Got it. I have seen some door hoods that are copper and are held up with wrought iron looking brackets from Crescent City Copper. Here's a link. Could something like these work?

Here's the copper roof with wood pic.

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Your house looks a lot like the one in think link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Rochelle colonial

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Just a thought- My house has a porch over the front door, but is open to the left of the door. In my site, all of the rain and wind comes from that direction. Consider something supported by a trellis with a climbing rose or clematis vine. You can attach plexiglass into a pergola to keep the water off you.

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