different colored cabinets throughout house

DIYfeverMarch 3, 2014

I am getting ready to paint our kitchen cabinets white (and the mantel in the adjacent room). Everything in the house is standard oak, light color, nothing fancy. Down the road, if I paint the bathroom cabinets and the hallway linen cabinet does it "need" to be white or can you use different colors and stains in different rooms? I don't want it to seem mish mash.

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The rule is if the door can be shut for the room to not be visible from the main living area, then what's behind that door can be purple shag carpet with zebra striped shower curtain and a bright red vanity if your want that. But, anything that's part of an open concept space should be treated like a single room, with attention paid to how things coordinate over the entire open space.

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Purple shag it is!

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