any recommended online/other resources for selling yourself?

debndulcySeptember 30, 2009

I've got to try to sell my home myself (at least try) first, and though I am a serious (though out of work) professional with several related skills (I wouldn't pretend to be an experienced real estate agent, to those of you who are). In line with studying/preparing to do it the best I can, I wondered if this forum could help at all with useful online (or other, besides obvious advertising) resources for posting FSBO homes (I'm near Phila, PA, if region matters). My sense is there are some usual or popular ones out there.. and did I also read that I could pay to have my place listed (w/o an agent) on MLS?

THANK YOU in advance for any information and advice -


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I'm sorry, and I probably shouldn't say ANYthing, but it really sounds like you are an, um, "lady of the night" based on your post title! :)

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AAAAAGGGHHHH!!! On top of 'everything else...!! And I was thinking so clearly... I don't see anywhere to make an hopefully others will be able to get past that!!!

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There is alot of information on selling a home on this forum, just go to search and type in FSBO or selling it myself etc.

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Thanks, mariend, I have read much of it, finding it very useful, and will continue to; I was interested in the most current resources, thus the reason for trying a post.


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LOL, fruitgirl ...

I thought the same thing!

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I had previously read over all I could (including in this forum) on prep'ing the house to sell by owner.. and then tried to look for ads online and in newspapers... the quality/content seemed poor, so I'd been hoping there may be sites where I might build an ad with portfolio of photos (good ones).

I just searched "FSBO" here as suggested... and see much helpful info, including 'on low rate brokers who'll list... but it seems there are brambles to work through... I'm usually a trooper... and I currently have the time.. perhaps I should try it myself for now, - through and after the holidays - and if no luck - then try w/an agent. Like someone else I read about though, I am anxious to move on with my life and would like to be prepared with having the house prep'd/sold when a new job comes along (I hope in a new area).

Seems one of the big questions is how popular FSBO's are at this time and in my region, for my type neighborhood... I do believe I have the skills if I 'know what's really going on in the world'...

Again, any and all advice is much appreciated -


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..Fruitgirl and west pa luann... any other helpful thoughts..?! Have you done FSBO? 'Best resources?

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Nope, sorry! I just browse through here every so often for fun, and just about fell out of my chair when I saw your post title. I'm not helpful in the least! :)

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These are just some of the things you need to consider.

Familiarize yourself with the discrimination in housing laws. You want to make sure you don't run afoul of them, even in innocent ways. Example, if buyers ask regarding your neighborhoods' or neighbors' ethnicity, religious persuasion, or sexual orientation, politely decline to answer.

Familiarize yourself with disclosure requirements for your location. Have any required disclosures ready to hand out.

Have blank sales agreements at hand. You will have to learn what kind of earnest money is customary in your location and how you are going to handle it (hold check, deposit in an account, etc). The sales agreement will need to be vetted by a local real estate attorney.

Have a closing agent lined up. Best is your real estate attorney. Worst is their real estate attorney. Neutral is someone that customarily handles closings, but isn't an agent of either party, such as a title company. Be extremely cautious of any buyer who has an attorney that wants to negotiate with your attorney. That is all done at the attorneys' billable rates. Get a signed sales agreement that is satisfactory to you first, then run it by your attorney.

Decide on an advertising strategy. An impossible-to-read-at-speed pencil written sign on your lawn isn't it, yet you would be amazed how many do just that.

Plan how to handle the phony inquiries that will come from agents trying to get a listing on your property, and scam artists who want you to agree to some nefarious scheme or supply personal information to them. Be especially careful responding to automated emails that will arrive if you manage to list on the Internet somewhere, which of course you should do.

Obviously, there is a lot more to it. This is just a taste of the stuff I went through, and the property I sold didn't even have a house on it.

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In my state, it's not that expensive to take a real estate agent's class, or even to take the real exam that licenses you by the state. If you have the time, it would give the info you want (plus a fair amount that you don't want), and might even be a useful skill down the road.

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Thank you creek side for all of the info and advice, and mjlb...I'm comfortable with some of my skills for this 'job'... but I still need to look for online resources (places to advertise for those who look for FSBO), as I think more or better ones exist than I've found so far. The biggest problem I see so far is timing - as it's already October (getting close to holidays and I assume less/no buying season) - and I don't know if an agent would do any better at this time of year than I, in this economy (again, not negating their experience - I don't know that I can afford to use one).

I have also talked to folks in my neighborhood who had 2 buyers - who ended up not qualifying ultimately financially - and it took 3 "sales" to get a real/final one. I know it's not going to be easy.

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