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mariwmSeptember 13, 2009

I need to replace the carpet in my hall. I don't know what to go with. This is carpet that was installed 8 years ago and has been discontinued. The problem is that my bedrooms and home office also have the same carpet. The rooms all branch off the hall. My question is should I go with a carpet as close to the same color as possible or go a little darker or what? I don't need to replace all of the carpet and I don't want to. Thank you for your advice.

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You might consider something other than carpet in the hall. You could do anything from an inexpensive DIY application of Novalis peel and stick vinyl planks to laminate to hardwood or ceramic tile. Here is a thread from the decorating board on Novalis.

Here is a link that might be useful: Peel and stick planks

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Can you just offer a carpet allowance?

Pulling the carpet (if there is wood underneath) and letting the new owners decide could be an option too!

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I really appreciate your responses. There is concrete under the carpet. I also have laminate wood in the foyer that leads into the hall. I really don't want to install more laminate , but I may have to. If we offer a carpet allowance, do you think that will affect us getting a buyer when they see the current carpet status? My problem with the carpet is that it has a really dark traffic path. The carpet is very light and it is very noticeable. I have tried everything to remove it, but have been unsuccessful. I am considering calling Chem Dry. Has anyone used them and if so, what was your opinion of the service?

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I don't know about Chem Dry, but I wanted to mention that the carpet had been partially replaced in the house we just purchased(the hall, same as yours). They had just made the color as close as possible, and it is different. But I didn't care as a buyer. I do think laminate is a good option if it is already in the foyer.

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beachlily z9a

I had the Chem Dry guy here last week. He does a very good job, much better than Stanley Steamer. Our house is 1/3 tile, 1/3 laminate and 1/3 carpet. He does the carpet every 6 months, just to keep it nice.

When we lived in the Atlanta area, our carpet was 9 years old when we decided to move. We replaced the carpet in the greatroom and used a band of the carpet from around the edge of that room to recarpet the hallway. The carpet layer objected, but agreed when it was done that it was the best option.

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I would just replace it with carpet or laminate... whichever is less expensive. If you stick with carpet, go a little darker unless it makes the hallway too dark.

Our house had hardwood floors in the kitchen/dining room when we bought it. We couldn't match it so there is a change in color and style as you walk into the living room. Our buyers didn't complain. They can choose to keep it or change it out later.

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Replace the carpet. Choose a pleasing complimentary color. An "almost the same as" color will look strange. Avoid strange at all costs.

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Since hallways are typically a high traffic area, I'd also consider going to something other than carpet if you can't match it. That way it at least looks like it was meant to be that way, instead of out of desperation.

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I like the laminate idea. Failing that, is there a patterned or textured carpeting that would blend with the carpeting in the adjoining rooms? (Just saw a pretty basketweave on TV.)

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