Velux sun tunnels what is the quality of the light?

sleepydrjMarch 4, 2007

We are planning to install a Velux sun tunnel soon. I've heard that sometimes "tube" skylights provide a spotlight effect rather than diffusing light into the room.

If you've seen an installed sun tunnel, what was the quality of the light? Pictures of the floor underneath would also be helpful.

Also, does flexible tubing vs rigid/jointed tubing make any difference in the light?



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No hands on here, but from my own research, I *think* you can get different diffusers for most of these tubes to control the light.

Flexible tubes transmit less light. With either rigid or flexible, the more curves, etc. the less light gets through.

The main complaint [and even this isn't a common one] that I've come accross is that a few people find the light 'cold' in color.

Most people who have them, love them. My cousin started with one in the garage, was so pleased she added 4 more in different parts of her home.

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The ones I've seen provide a very good natural sunlight colour, they just seem overly bright to me. It's almost as though the reflective surfaces inside the tube magnify the light. I'm definitely not keen on the round "hot-spot" of light on the ceiling.

I recently saw a very nice installation where the diffuser was built into the top of a soffit in the ceiling. That installation provided very nice natural-looking light, but you didn't have to see that brilliant hot-spot on the ceiling. A little more money and effort was required for the installation, but the end result was quite handsome.


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We're big fans. We put in 2 Solatubes and liked them so much we put in 2 more. The quality of light is very nice. If I had my "druthers" I'd put in another two.

One thing that no one mentions is moonlight. During a full moon, there's almost enough light to read by!

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We have a sun tube in our bathroom and love it. The light is well dispersed and plenty of it. The biggest problem we had was the contractor cut too big of a whole on the bottom and was hard to attach to drywall in ceiling. Another problem was dust and silverfish getting in there. Of course because of the contactor messing up hanging it - we are trying to figure out a way to blow them out of there with my compressor.

Despite the little issues - I love it and will probably do it again in another room

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I have 3 sun tunnels and think that the amount of sunlight coming in seems to depend on two factors. First how long is the tube - if it is short - you get more light (we have two in vaulted ceilings so they let in lots of light). Second is seems to depend on the angle (we have one in a flat kitchen ceiling and although larger it doesn't seem to provide much light). Maybe there is another reason why some seem to let in more light than others - but this fits with my brain this morning.

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I dont know my brand but I love it. It makes a big difference in brightening up my kitchen.

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We recently installed some Sun Tunnels into some bathrooms and a new walk-in closet -- all places with no windows. Overall, we like the result. The light feels cold, however. More like that blue/harsh light that you might get from an old fluorescent bulb.

Does anyone know of brands that would allow the customer to pick a "diffuser" that would make the light feel more warm than cool?

If so, we may take advantage of a remodeling project to add more.


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We're happy with our sun pipe brand especially the glavalume roof jack vs plastic and the natural light, no blue hues.

Here is a link that might be useful: sun pipe

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We have a Velux Sun Tunnel in the kitchen, and love it, except for the florescent lighting look from the diffuser. Would love to know where others have found alternative diffusers. Since we have the flexible tube, some 18' up there, it is not pretty with just the clear panel showing.

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A Velux Sun Tunnel has a "dual diffuser that reduces the chance of condensation and increases energy efficiency while providing even light distribution through a frosted diffuser."

Higher color temperatures (5,000 K or more) are called cool colors (blueish white); lower color temperatures (2,700 - 3,000 K) are called warm colors (yellowish white through red). The color temperature of daylight is higher than 5,000 K therefore it appears cool; incandescent lights are much lower therefore they appear warm. A color filter is possible but it would reduce the light.

If you don't like the color of daylight, a Sun Tunnel is probably not a good option for you. Velux does offer an incandescent light option for the Sun Tunnel.

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"The light feels cold, however. More like that blue/harsh light that you might get from an old fluorescent bulb. "

It is called 'daylight' on the tube and outside for a reason.

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I wasn't thrilled with the "bluish" color from 2 new Velux SunTunnel skylights. I searched around a bit on the web and was able to find color filters made specifically to shift color temperature from Rosco. I wanted to go from 5500k daylight to 3000-4000k. I ordered a few filters in 1/4CTO and 1/8CTO so I could stack them and go from 1/8 to 1/2 in 1/8 increments. B&H photo (links below) had them in stock.

I ended up using a 1/8 CTO
and a 1/4 CTO
stacked, for about a 1500k shift.

The filters were easy to trim to size and lay on top of the diffuser.

The light is now very close to an incandescent, probably around 4000k, but isn't amber. There is some reduction in brightness, but we are in Texas, so there is plenty of light :) I was a little worried that the diffuser would look yellow on the inside, but it is so close to white that you don't notice any difference at all.

Previously people would walk in and say "wow, that is a really blue skylight", now they don't even realize it's a skylight at all, they think it's just a cieling fixture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rosco Cinegel CTO Temperature Shift Filters

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WE have a solatube and it was too cold in color so I ordered the warm daylight diffuser and it was very easy to add after the fact, now it's a great color.

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In our old house we put in 2 Solatubes in an interior bath and a hall that was 8' x 11', and a couple years later we added another above the stairwell.

They "spread" the light beautifully, no "spotlight effect", but we did notice that the new one was ever-so-slightly "crisper"; the old ones had actually changed gradually to warmer. It wasn't a drastic difference, and eventually the new one either caught up or we didn't notice. I think the new diffusers are more stable; there certainly are more options.

Another cool thing about the light color is when there is snow on the roof covering the domes! And lightning storms are awesome.

We loved them, wish we had a good reason to install them here, but we have lots of windows.

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