Should I have side by side SINKS?

Catharine442March 12, 2014

After having the foundation slab ultra-sounded (or whatever that machine does), I decided to forgo a $6200 prep sink (jackhammering, etc.) near my planned cooking run :-(

So, because of family peace and main sink traffic, I want to put two sinks - 24" apron front farmhouse sinks - right next to each other on the non-cooking side of the kitchen. The result will be no prep space on the sink side (I would have a little if only one sink) but plenty of prep space on the peninsula (counter height) and on both sides of my range. Also, the end of my peninsula is going to be about 42" across from SxS fridge and will be excellent landing place - better than any space on the sink run the fridge shares.

The double bowl sinks I have seen either have too small of a prep side (8") or two small of a clean-up side.

Because of a laundry room door and a lovely, tall , kitchen-wide bay window, my kitchen will be kind of like a really wide galley but with a peninsula partially crossing the end between the DR and the Kitchen.

What do you all think?

BTW, I don't cook pasta, I don't even EAT pasta, so no worries on the huge pots of hot water crossing the kitchen, etc. I'll just be dripping some water...

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I have the 36" Whitehaven Apron front sink from Kohler. I have a single goose neck faucet on it and I have to say that the 36 is like having a bathtub in the kitchen, which actually works out well for the infant grandkids;) If I was to do it again, I'd place the current faucet about 1/3 of the way across and a smaller faucet on the other end. I think it could handle it. Mine has a single drain at the back rt corner. It is a nice sink. I have the stainless grids in the bottom too and like them.

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How many people are cooking at one time in the kitchen? I'm trying to picture the need for two full sinks vs one regular/double sink and a smaller prep sink nearby.
I do a lot of cooking and I can't imagine washing everything in one area, carrying it to another to prep, then having to go back to the first area for more rinsing and to put any cuttings down the disposal. You'll have more than a few drips of water on that floor.

I would rethink the layout before I'd give up counter space near the main sink.

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A prep sink is not a possibility at this point, due to the bad access to drainage.
So, I have to make the main sink somehow work for 4-5 people at home. Now I'm looking at the Rohl double bowl 70/30 sink, also called the 1 1/2 sink. I think I could wash dishes in the 23" side and do prep, etc. in the 12" side. But for the price, I could get two 24" farm house sinks!

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Oh, and I can't move the main sink from it's wall either. Same access to drainage problems.

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I made a plan that is more readable than my design program I hope. It's not to exact scale but it's close.

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How about the biggest Whitehaven sink with the smart divide and two faucets?

Or you could go with one of their large pro sinks like the Stages that has a prep area with two faucets, which won't give the the apron front. But I am not sure I would double up with adjacent apron fronts anyway.

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Is there no way to connect the drain and water supply for a prep sink (near the range) by tying into the laundry drain/water lines? If the laundry is on the same side as the range you may be able to tie in via the walls vs the floor.

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Thanks Everybody,

@annz 8:
As I said, I can't tie into any drainage without jackhammering mess and a cost of about $6000, or $4500, no jackhammering, with a pump and a vent up to the attic which sounds complicated and likely to fail...But I am heeding your words and will be keeping at least some space to the right of the sink for wet veggies! (And looking into above-sink hanging dish racks so can also use counter on top of dishwasher.


Thanks so much for the suggestion of the big sink with another faucet. I think that's what I will do. What do you think of an independent sprayer at the other end rather than a whole faucet? (And set the main faucet over the way you suggested?)
I will also have a filtered water spout at the far end with glasses above on open shelf and a toe kick so peeps can stand sideways at the end of counter and get a drink without going in front of sink. It will only be a reach of about 18" (reserved counter space I get with a 36" undermount farm sink) to get a drink.

Thanks! I am also looking at divided sinks but I haven't seen that one, I will look at it and the two faucet possibility.

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