Help make triangle in a square

lola99September 26, 2010

Is there an EASY and ACCURATE way to make a bunch of squares with a triangle that goes from one corner to a spot half-way between the distance of the side of the square?

I want to make a bunch of 3 inch finished squares and I want my triangle to go from the corner to a spot that is 1.5 inches along the bottom of the square, as shown in this picture.

Is there a trick to this? I suppose I could draw it out and paper piece it. Any other suggestions?



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Hi Lola:

The only suggestion I have is one i've seen done before, it leaves you with some interesting scraps for a different quilt. The lady i watched just sewed the scraps together and made a tied play-quilt for the kids' bed.

She took and made 3 1/2 inch by 2yard strips of both materials, sewed them together, then fan folded them in about 7 or 9inch folds. Placed her 2 templates on the top fold so the seam turned out where she wanted them to, and used her wheel cutter.

Hope someone comes up with a better suggestion, but if you get desperate you can give it a try.

l. marie

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I am not accomplished enough to paper piece so I would do it the easy way if you are wanting to cut out multiple pieces that are identical. I would make plastic templates. You can buy clear plastic stencil template sheets that are thin and easy to cut through in the quilting section of Hobby Lobby.

I would draw out your triangle in a square accurately with ruler, etc. Then would draw dashed lines around all solid lines to give you 1/4 inch seam allowance. Then I would make 2 copies of this sheet of paper on the computer printer. Then take one sheet copied and cut out the triangle with its 1/4 inch seam allowance making a paper template. Then take the other sheet copied and cut out the partial square with 1/4 inch seam allowance making a paper template. Then I would lay the 2 paper templates on top of the clear plastic stencil sheets and trace with a fine point permanent marker. Then cut out your plastic templates and use a paint marker to label which side is right side up. If you use a permanent marker to label the top side of each stencil it will wear off on you fingers with use. So I find the paint marker writing stays on. And there you have 2 plastic templates you can use that will hold their shapes to trace multiple pieces of fabric with. And then I would take a binder and buy clear page protectors (that are closed in on all sides except the top and then store the plastic templates when not in use in the binder. That way they always lay flat during storage and then you will always have them for future use. I have never paper-pieced so this is how I make all of my regular quilt patterns (with 1/4 inch seam allowances) and my applique patterns. You get nice sharp corners this way. :-) Hope that helps.

Best to you,
Sandra aka quiltingfox

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Thanks for responding Sandra and Marie. I understand what both of you have described. I appreciate you taking the time to post. Wish me luck!


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