Regular hood or microwave with hood over a GE profile gas range

beachlover2April 21, 2013

I need some advice. Is there a microwave that goes over a gas range that has enough power to clear smoke and smells from someone who cooks a LOT? I think the hood would do a better job but wondered if any of you have good experiences with a microwave with a vent? Space is an issue. Thanks for any advice.

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I have the GE Spacemaker hood/microwave over my range and it doesn't vent to the outdoors, just has those silly carbon filters which do no good at all for smoke and not even for smells. There are several design aspects which do not contribute to it being an efficient vent: smaller than the cooking surface, intakes only on front half, air intake has to flow across the bottom of the unit and then up the back and outside if it is vented outside. All those turns kill the air flow efficiency.

If you haven't picked up my opinion yet, I don't think the Spacemaker should even qualify as a hood. I cook a lot and really, really hate not having a good, vented hood.

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Holly- Kay

When I met with my kd I said I wanted an OTR micro because of space. He never blinked an eye about the lack of ventilation and since I am a newbie to kitchen design I wasn't concerned and figured the fan on the MW would be fine. When I was at the appliance distributor I asked my salesman what his opinion of the OTR micro was. He told me that not only will the microwave wear out faster because of heat from the cook top but he said the fan is basically useless and ends up just flinging the grease on the front of the microwave. I told my kd that i wanted to change the design to include a hood but he just blew me off. Needless to say I am not a happy camper.

Really think ahead and go with a vented hood so you won't have to deal with the grease and smells. After all my appliance salesman, for all he knew, was losing a sale by telling me this. Be smart and go with a vented hood.

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Start a new thread and post your layout. Many here will help you find a good spot for your mw.

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The short answer - No

The long's what I just posted on another thread about OTR particular, item 3!

  1. They're too high for safe use unless you're well over 6' tall (I'd say closer to 6'6" or more) - you're removing hot food/fluids at a height that if it spills, it will spill on your face, arms, chest, etc. (Plus, you can't see inside to check the food b/c it's too high)

They're located such that:

  1. If someone wants to use the MW while someone else is cooking, the cook must get out of the way at least 2x (once for putting the food in and again to take it out; if you need to stir or check the food, the cook needs to get out of the way a third or more times)

If you have any food cooking on the range, you will be using the MW over the intense heat as well as things like splattering grease or clouds of steam from boiling liquids - all of it bathing your arms, hands, and face. Oh, and beware loose clothing if you use flame to cook - more than one person here has described a sweater or shirt catching fire when reaching up into an OTR MW with a gas range. They're lousy hoods - loud and inefficient. They don't cover the front burners so they're pretty useless for any cooking on the front burners. Even for the back burners, they don't work well. They're generally the most expensive MW out there!

Post your layout - let the gurus here see what they can come up with - you may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

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Thanks to all of you for the great advice. In my heart, I already knew all of the things you told me. I have had many people who have the OTR MW say they loved them! I am 5' 3" so that would be a problem. I am posting my layout in a new thread so maybe someone can see an answer to "where to put the microwave? Thanks again for your replies!

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