iPad App for drawing on Blocks

magothyrivergirlSeptember 19, 2012

Lola provided info on how she draws pics on blocks for quilting ideas. Thank you!

Here is a link for an iPad App I read about on a blog I follow. Angie is very generous and sharing with her infomation.

Please share any you know about here. I'm sure there are other easy programs out there.

Here is a link that might be useful: App for drawing-Thimber Hill Thread blogs

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There's an app for everything!!! Now I know I need an iPad

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I need one too and I'm oh-so-close to convincing my boss to get one for me! But I don't think I'll tell him I might use it to play with quilt designs.

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A few months ago I was going to upgrade my Kindle to a Kindle Fire and Mark's (then) boss told him to have me check out the iPad before I made a decision. I played with one a bit at Best Buy and ended up spending twice as much for the iPad! :) I really like it...it's so easy to download library books, track my Weight Watchers information, check email, take pictures, etc.

I've downloaded a couple of free quilting apps but haven't tried them yet.


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I have that app on my iPad, but never thought of using it that way! Awesome...!!


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Thanks for the info, I just bought it! Too bad In dont have any pictures on my ipad. I wonder if i can save a picture from this site... Ill let you know what i can figure out!

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I'm back and I figured out how to copy a picture from this forum into my iPad and doodle on it using this app. Yes, it's pretty cool! I worked on Nana2009's king sized quilt. After using it for one hour here are my problems: 1. there is not tool to make straight lines. You can draw pretty straight lines, but there is no drag-a-line image. 2. A photo of an entire quilt is too small to really effectively draw the quilting lines. I think individual blocks or close ups of the quilt would work much better. There is a way to zoom in when you are drawing, but I don't think that anyone else will be able to see the details once I zoom back out. 3. I don't know how to export/upload the photo to photo bucket. There is probably a way, but I haven't been able to figure it out yet. I was able to email it to myself, so hopefully from my email I can put it in photo bucket.

Overall, it was fun and I really like the feature that corrects slightly for wobbly lines. If I'm successful in uploading the picture, I'll put it here and on the thread that Nana2009 started.

Thanks again for suggesting this fun program!

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Hi again. Okay, I finally figured out how to export an image and put it on photobucket (initially the image was PDF-ed). So here are the doodles I did on Nana2009's quilt and "directions" that I would have written to myself on how to quilt part of it. I was just playing around to see what the program could do.

I still think the problem is that the quilt picture is too small. The feathers that I drew would be huge on the quilt. But it does help for deciding some things - I like the borders on the top and right better than the one on the left for instance...

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Everytime I look at this post I run to my bosses' office and bug him about my iPad. I still don't have it. :~((

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