do ants eat foam insulation?

datura-07March 11, 2009

We have something that falls from our family room ceiling the last couple springs. It's right next to the fireplace and is like fine golden crumbs. Both times, we sprayed the cedar boards(ceiling) close to the fireplace and then we got dead ants falling.

Do they chew on the insulation and if so, might we have a problem up there and need the roofer to come and tear part of the roof off to check it out. Or do we get someone that has one of those thermo meters or whatever you call it and have them check and see if there is heat loss in that area?

thanks for any help you can give me.

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It's possible, but those golden crumbs may be sawdust from wood in your ceiling/walls. I'd first check to see if the ants you have are carpenter ants and then try controlling the infestation.

Here is a link that might be useful: carpenter ants

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annz says ants! Agreed.

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Annz, It's not sawdust.

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Sounds like nobody has gone up into the attic to see from the other side.

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Carpenter ants do not digest wood like termites, but excavate galleries to nest in.

The frass they produce looks like tiny shards of wood, not exactly sawdust, but very similar. You would likely need a magnifier (at least) to see what it actually is.

You should inspect above the ceiling, and even consider removing some of the ceiling if required to gain access.

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Or get a consultation from a pro exterminator. Extirminators are using organics as much as possible these days that are harmless to humans and pets. Ask them about that as well.

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thanks everyone

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