I Should be Ashamed...

ritaweedaSeptember 9, 2012

I can sit for hours and happily hand-quilt, hand-piece, embroider, you name it and love it to death. But let DH hand me a button that needs sewn on and it's like he's grown 2 extra heads with horns. I wonder if I'm the only one...???

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I'm with you Ritaweeda...my personal favorite is the shorts button at the waist that I'm reattaching for the third time. Nice to know I'm not alone... "."

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Of course not!

I remember when DH and I worked at the same company, and we were living together. He wandered down to my lab, stuck his head in the door and asked if I had a sewing kit, as his button had come off. I said "Sure, in the top left drawer", and turned back to my work. OMG, the male techs asked "AREN'T you going to HELP him??"

"Well, NO! His fingers aren't broken, and he's an engineer. If he can't figure this out, that's just disturbing."

Of course, when we first started dating, he proudly showed me his sewing machine, LOL.

I don't iron for him either.

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Don't sew on buttons and rarely hem pants! Donated a pair of jeans that needed hemming after the waste band got too tight to button ;-)

I'm with you mary c. My husband asked me to iron a shirt for him when we were dating. I said, not me and don't look at my mother to see what I'll be like either, she used to cut up my Dad's meat for him at the table.

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Too funny, ladies! I don't even sew on my own buttons. :). Clothes will hang in the closet for months b/c they need ironing or a minor repair.

My MIL used to button every button and zip every zipper before thingsseent in the laundry. I told DH long before we married that if he wanted his laundry done that way he could do it himself. Nearly 30 years later he's still happy with the way I do laundry (or he keeps his mouth shut). LOL


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I have been sewing for over 60 years. I started out making my own clothes and have now switched to quilting. I have never been able to sew on a button that actually stays on. I have tried all different ways to sew them on but they still fall off. Colleen

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I also hate mending of any kind!! And it's funny you mentioned this. My dh gave me 4 pair of pants to hem, and I finally finishing them today (started last night). They had cuffs in them, so it was a little more difficult than just a hem. It didn't take long, I just kept putting them off to do more fun sewing :-)


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ROFL! Listening to you ladies is so funny! I started darning my own socks when I was 13 or 14, which led me into this quilting addiction. I've sewn on buttons (my own), replaced zippers (not often, I hate that job!), and hemmed up my own pants (I was just too glad to be told about stitch witchery!!!). But, will I do that for anyone else? NOPE! Like Mary says, it's easier to just point to the sewing kit and say "Go for it..."

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Nope you're not alone!!! I hate mending,i'd much rather start something from scratch than mend something.Same with trying to finish what someone else has started.

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I have a pair of capris that I laid aside because they need a button....did I tell you I laid them aside in May!!!

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And I have 3 pairs of slacks staring at me that need to be shortened. They have been there, like Mary, at least since May. I plan (someday) to pin them and take them to the tailor. Hate hemming!

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Mine is hemming pants! One dgd was easy, she liked the deccorative stitches on the hems.

I still have pants hanging in MY closet waiting for me to hem them.

I found my black thread and a needle in dh's 'man cave', I have no idea what he was doing 'cause he doesn't sew lol! He irons and washes his own clothes.

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