Anyone else looking for crisp sheets?

maire_cateJune 7, 2010

While searching for crisp sheets I came across this thread from a few years ago. Several posters mentioned that they loved Wamsutta Supercale sheets. Those are my favorite too but I was disappointed to discover that Wamsutta doesn't make them anymore. I called Wamsutta and they suggested their Pinpoint sheets.

Before I purchase them I was wondering if anyone here has discovered wonderfully crisp sheets. Consumer Reports rated several sheets this May and mentioned that LLBean's 280 thread count Pima cotton Percale sheets were crisp. But they only fit a 15" mattress and I need a deeper fitted sheet.

Thanks, Maire

Here is a link that might be useful: Wamsutta Supercale

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Yes, moi. I still have sheets from the late 1960's that were all percale. They are smooth, cold, and do not wrinkle. Sometimes Ralph Lauren will put out some like that and possibly Cannon? I hate the thick cotton sheets also. I don't know who started this stupid high thread count thing but at my age I want smooth and cool. Try Overstock.

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I was just thinking about starting a thread on the same topic. I do not like a silky, floppy sheet, either. I like them to be crisp, but not scratchy.

It's not so much the thread count, as much as the way the threads are twisted and woven.

I have an older set of Ralph Lauren sheets that are crisp, and very well made, but have no idea if they still make them like that. If anyone does discover a good brand, I hope they post it.

The ridiculously high/thick/tall matresses are another beef of mine. Who's idea was that, and when will they be changing it back?

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Also check out and look for (I think) bedding 101. They give out names of places to shop for sheets.

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I too love crisp, cool, smooth sheets. I really don't like the sateen sheets at all. Also agree that the superthich mattress are pretty ridiculous. The extra thickness doesn't really add anything to the comfort. I have been using some JCPenney Easy Care sheets, which are not 100% cotton. But they are smooth, crisp and don't wrinkle.

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As I was changing our sheets on Friday, I was thinking the SAME thing! I hate the thick sheets that feel warm to the touch. I want to find more "old fashioned" cool, crisp sheets. I have an older set of Ralph Lauren sheets that are like that. They're ready for the rag bag, though. I also found two sets several years ago at Tuesday Morning that are nice and crisp and cool. I just pulled both out to look for a tag. I may have cut off the main one, but did find a very faded tag that said "High Country Linens", a company I'm not familiar with. Their thread count is either 400 or 450.

I hope that you get some good sources for us with this thread. I am so ready to chuck every sheet of mine that's not crisp and cool!

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I bought a set of King size sheets at the 3 B's (that's what my DH calls Bed, Bath and Beyond). They were one of their more expensive sets and while my DH loved them because they were so soft -I hated them - and the fitted sheet wore thin very quickly and I'm sure it will disintegrate if I use them again.

Yet I have two sets of Wamsutta Supercale that are over 15 years old and they are still in great shape. I've had to replace the elastic on them but that's no big deal.

Well I guess I'll join the rest of the crisp sheet crowd and keep looking. Maybe one of us will get licky.

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I have been wanting to try these... Does anyone know if they live up to their descriptions?

Here is a link that might be useful: Vermont Country Store Clothesline Crisp Sheets

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look at this article in the chicago tribune. It lists some sources. Consumersearch said garnett hill percale was best.

Here is a link that might be useful: we've found what you're looking for

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We love the Wamsutta Pinpoint from BBB. They are really crisp, but do wrinkle if that bothers you.

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Great article, enright!
I'm glad I'm not alone in this search! Everyone always looks at me weird when I say I want crispy sheets. I actually had come to the conclusion I needed a cotton poly blend because it insured a wrinkle free, crisp feel, but obviously not necessary.
I'm going to try the company store options at some point in the near future. I do remember getting a pretty crispy sheet at Nordstroms once. I wonder what happened to that set now that I'm thinking about it...

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Maybe it's just me but I found that article a little confusing. At the top it had 'Originally Posted August 31, 2006 - so that makes it nearly 4 years old. Some of the comments added at the bottom of the article are a little more recent.

I think I'll try the Wamsutta Pinpoint from BBB. At least I can use those 20% off coupons.

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Count me in as another "CRISPER" wannabe. :-) Hot flashes and poly do not go well together in the summer. :-(

My latest new sheets are a disappointment because they are too big for my Tempurpedic, which is only 10" deep. However, they are crisp enough. A couple of years ago, I bought some Sure-Fit sheets that fit the bed, but they have something in them that make the sheets feel damp all the time.

Any ideas for me? We keep going back to our old sheets that fit to older mattresses. They are so thin, that we are getting rips in them, but they are so cool. lol

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Me, too. Crisp, smooth, cool.... I remember when they came out of the linen closet that way. Sadly, every sheet I've tried comes up short and so have resorted to ~~~shudder~~~ ironing mine :( It does help get that smooth feel but still falls short and needless to say it's a PITA.

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We just got back from a Mediterranean cruise and I am now on the hunt for the sheets used by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. They were solid white, crisp and cool. I swear I did not have one hot flash for 10 days! Unfortunately, I do think the key is ironing them, which I am not willing to do.

I bought some Frette sheets last year and, although they do wrinkle, they are very smooth and crisp.

My late mother swore by percale, and I don't think she ever owned a set of sheets with a theadcount higher than 200!

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I just checked my fav Ralph Lauren sheet and it says "algodon". Not all his sheets are like this one and it never fails to be cool and smooth. I'm over 60 and still have the percale sheets from the 60's. I can't used the bottom ones anymore but the top are perfect. I like the Cannon and Wamsutta 200 TC and maybe a touch of polyester. Don't be fooled by a brand carried in Marshalls and Tuesday Morning called Hotel. They seem wonderful to the feel but they dry wrinkled.

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I said it before and will keep saying until maybe Wamsutta will bring back there old cotton/percale. Nothing can compare to how they felt!!!!! Maybe all the old Wamsutta lovers should contact Wamsutta complaining?

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eandhl I was just having that discussion with a friend but then it occurred to me - is it possible that one reason the old sheets maintained that crisp feel is because they were treated with something chemically that we no longer allow? It's still worth asking them to address what is obviously a ready market, but I do wonder what made the sheets feel that way.

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I love the Kirkland sheets from Costco. They are so soft and very cool. Is a matter of fact, I won't use them in the winter because they are so cool.. Another good one is the Bamboo ones from Target

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Me too, tfm. I have some Kirkland sheets that are wonderfully crisp and cool, and very durable. Costco stores are currently selling sheet sets in 450 and 600 thread count. I am not sure which mine are but we have been using them for the last 3 years and they look and feel great! I alternate them with some from BB&B which are nice but I much prefer the Kirkland ones.

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Nanbella: "algodon" is Spanish for "cotton".

Enright: great article! I read through the entire thing.

Tfm & Sis3: since we have a Costco membership, I'm going to buy a set of the Kirkland sheets to try. If they don't work for me, I'll try the Company Store's next. I'm on a quest!!

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bonnieann925 - Would love to hear more about your cruise. I cruised the Mediterranean in June 2008 on Holland America, and DH and I are going back in May 2011 on Celebrity. I don't believe I have ever had a hot flash on any of our cruises. However, I think it is due to being tired, and perhaps a bit inebriated and I sleep right through the hot flash. lol

Carnival Cruise Line has a site where they sell their bedding. We bought their feather pillows. See link.

I found the following on Cruise Critic about the RCCL bedding.

"After our Freedom Cruise in 2006 and my first experience
with the new bedding, I emailed RCCL customer service and asked where they got the bedding from. Believe it or not, a representative called me and said he checked. Said they order them in bulk from some distributor in China. Gave me the name of the Chinese firm but I since lost it. Was not available in U.S. and RCCL had no plans to sell at that time."

"Samantha Brown on her Travel Channel show about Freedom of the Seas said that the new sheets were 200 thread count. That is not very impressive. For example, many if not most of Land's End's sheets are 300- thread count and up. Many higher end sheets are 600-thread count or more."

"I do guess that a sheet with a 200-thread count might be more durable and better able to stand up to constant washing, machine drying and commercial detergents. Thread count has less to do with it than you think. You can have 600 thread count sheets that feel worse than 300 thread count. If you have cheap cotton, then the thread count won't matter much. Its a combination of both thread count and cotton. One thing that makes the sheets feel great is that they have been IRONED!"

"RCI's sheets were provided by Baltic Linens in the US"

I bought my son a cheap set of sheets from Wal*Mart and they are very crisp and cool. He wanted some that did not ball up from his hairy legs. lol The only problem is that they run small for the size, and stain easily.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carnival cruise Line bedding

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Now I do not in any way profess to be an expert in fabric but... I remember a TV discussion where the manufacturer of sheets explained that the high thread count didn't have any indication of how nice the sheet is. There are a limited number of threads you can fit into a square inch so the 500 and higher thread counts are misleading. What the manufacturers are doing is counting the fibers, that are then woven into threads, in their count. Makes sense to me because in all honesty I don't feel any difference in the higher thread count sheets.

He indicated that the type or origin of cotton was the most important thing to consider. At that time I remember him discussing Egyptian cotton sheets, which I know can be found. I do also remember they were not cheap by any means so I went back to my old Home Goods standards that I swear I am never going to buy again each time I buy them.

I have so many ever so slightly used sheets I use as rags. What a waste of money. Probably should have bit the bullet and I would still have the expensive set of sheets in great condition. As they say "do you want to cry once, or cry and cry again?"

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Newhomebuilder, the cruise was wonderful! Email me at for the details (I don't want to hijack this thread.)

I'm a cruise critic junkie and am always hanging out there before we cruise finding all kinds of info. After a Carnival Cruise we considered buying their bedding ensemble, but instead opted for a new mattress and luxury sheets. Carnival has a great option for buying.

RC doesn't have an option to buy at this time. Read on....

I found this on CC:
"Royal Caribbean

The Bed: Following the introduction of a new bedding program in 2006, which was rolled out fleetwide by 2007, Royal Caribbean's gone from having the worst beds afloat to those that are far more conducive to a good night's sleep. All cabins got new frames and nine-inch-thick mattresses with pillow tops.

Accouterments: Two microfiber pillows plus one decorative pillow; duvet with cotton-blend cover; bed skirts; and 220-thread-count cotton-blend sheets (replacing 200-thread-count sheets). Colored bed scarves are draped on the end of the beds.

Quirks and Caveats: The line has come up with a solution to the dreaded gap (you know, the space that invariably forms when two twin beds are pushed together to form one larger, queen-sized bed). Royal Caribbean has devised pillow tops that are doubled over when on twin beds, but that can be unfolded and placed on top of one another to create a queen-size, gap-free mattress.

Shop Op: Someday...."

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OK, I will email you. Want to know where you went and what you did. :)

I may be the odd man (or woman) out, but I loved the old foam mattresses.

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Someone here mentioned bamboo sheets. While I haven't tried them, I do have several pieces of clothing made from bamboo. They are incredibly soft, seem to wear well . . . but take FOREVER to dry! All other like pieces will be completely dry when the dryer cycle finishes, except for the bamboo pieces which are noticeably still quite damp. Are the sheets like this, as well?

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I also like cool, crisp sheets. I bought the LL Bean 280 thread count percale sheets in December and I've been happy with them, so far.

I'm probably going to give the Restoration Hardware percale sheets a try. They fit 18'' deep mattresses, maire_cate. RH has 210 and 464 thread count percales.

I have some bamboo pillowcases, but they feel much like sateen.

I might try the Kirkland percale, but I think the high thread count might make them a little too warm for me.

I was able to get a good deal on some nice percale sheets at Tuesday Morning. I think the brand was Peacock Alley.

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Apologies in advance for really having nothing to add to this discussion. Just had to say I got a chuckle out of it because I honestly thought I was the only one left who likes crisp sheets. To the point of starching and ironing my pillow cases and top sheet. Before anyone makes reference to having too much time on my hands, I do it while watching t.v. in the evening. Doesn't really take that long and we love it. Just can't stand what I refer to as "slimy" soft sheets....yuck!!!!

Also, I've read many times that good quality sheets cannot be determined by thread count alone.

Thanks for starting this thread, MarieCate! I'd love to find some nice crisp sheets (may cut down on the ironing) and may try the Kirland's from Costco. Hopefully, we'll get some feedback on those!

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From the book Home Comforts----Mendelson

"those who prefer a crisper or cottony smoothness in sheets will always love, as I do, good combed all cotton percale with a thread count between 180 and 250---the standard luxury sheet of the prior generation.(At higher thread count, you lose crispness)

All cotton sheets with lower thread counts are no longer sold, which is a shame because muslin sheets (thread count 140) also excel in crisp comfort and durability."

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I bought those Kirkland sheets and brought them back after one washing - limp, mushy, definitely not crisp.

spiceislands I do the same thing - iron sheets while watching tv. Silly as it sounds, it makes a difference in the way I sleep.

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We love crisp sheets (and towels and, well, everything), and use Garnet Hill made in Portugal sheets. GH has great sales and clearances, and all of our sheets have been purchased at a pretty deep discount, and include wild patterns like parasols, big fish and chess pieces. We don't iron but we do line dry 12 months a year, outside when possible, inside at all other times. In addition to increasing my energy bill, I think the dryer makes everything limp, especially sheets and towels, so we don't use ours, we have 2 clothes lines in our upstairs hallway (next to the washer) and a large folding rack that goes in front of the woodstove in the winter. We are only a family of 3, so it's not bad at all, and saves us $30 or so a month in electric bills.


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I too have been searching for the perfect "crisp" sheets. I bought a set of percale sheets from Garnet Hill but they are crisp to the point of being noisy when you move. They also have a very strange waxy feel to them when they are wet. I don't think they are particularly cool, either - maybe because of whatever it is that is coating them.

I have bought Kirkland sheets twice. One set was a percale set with a very subtle tone on tone stripe in the fabric, the other was a sateen set. The sateen is awful - limp and thin and cheezy feeling. The percale set is wonderful - crisp and soft and breathable. If I ever see them at Costco again I'm buying a bunch of them. Unfortunately, I bought those a year or so ago and I haven't seen them since.

I do have two sets of Pottery Barn sheets that are very nice. They are several years old, so I don't know if the current ones are good or not.

Really, this shouldn't be so hard.

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I have looked and bought and bought and looked...
These sheets are the closest to the Wamsutta sheets, that I have ever found...

Here is a link that might be useful: Penney's sheets

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I was at Costco yesterday and checked out the Kirkland sheets. They are sateen weave, which to me means "not crisp". To get the smooth, cool crisp sheets I believe you need to buy percale sheets.

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Chloe45 - Glad to see another fan of the Mendelson Home Comforts book! Loved the part about her friends gasping at the thought of a book about housekeeping -- written by an attorney!

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lynninnewmexico-did you get a chance to check out the Costco sheets? The bamboo ones from Target were mine and they are very soft.

terriks-my sheets from Costco say they are 100% Pima Cotton but dont remember the thread count. I have had them for about 2 or 3 yrs now and they have held up great. but I guess they feel a bit more satiny then crisp

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Jaybird, if it isn't too much trouble (and if you don't remove the tags), would you please check those JCPenney sheets and post their Country of Origin? I've had bad luck lately with getting correct info from a JCP CSR (just made a large return this week.)

Thanks in advance!

BTW, if anyone else could indicate Country of Origin (or at least if the CoO is *not* the PRC) for their favorite bed linens I would appreciate it.

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I checked the country of origin on my favorite sheet sets. My two sets of Pottery Barn sheets are from Israel, as are my Kirkland percale sheets.

I should have added earlier, I also have a great set of Sferra sheets, Grande Hotel Collection, that are very nice. These were made in Italy.

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Hmmmm...wonder if I should look for sheets while in Europe. They sure would weight my luggage down, though.

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This thread made me go sheet shopping! I just bought some sheets from Macy's (on sale!). Martha Stewart 400 TC percale (I hate sateen). I can't speak to the longevity of them but they seem nice and cool so far and I like that the elastic on the fitted sheet goes all the way around. I think the origin is Pakistan.

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My LL Bean 280 thread count percale sheets were made in China. I've ordered some Forever Percale 100% cotton 200 thread-count sheets from JCP and after I've used them, I'll report back on what think of them. Hopefully, they'll be crisp and cool.

My favorite sheets are 20 year old Espirit percale 100% cotton 200 thread-count made in West Point, Georgia.

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So I was googling "percale" and found that there is a website devoted to percale sheets:
One reviewer on the site says "I feel like IÂm climbing into a freashly laundered bed every night. "

That's what I like about percale sheets. With sateen sheets the bedding feels "used"

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I've been looking for years...tried Wamsetta, Company store percale, Vermont Country store crisp sheets...and here is the link to beat all those for crispness:

When I first put these on the bed I had to redirect the fan so it doesn't blow directly on the bed, plus raise the thermostat a few degrees. The heat-difference was amazing!

Here is a link that might be useful: crisp sheets

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I have already emailed Wamsutta, but unless bunches of folks do it, I have little hope they will bring back Ultracale. Softer after every wash and so breathable. Best "modern" version of what I grew up with...crisp, rather than that slick, almost slimey sateen stuff, which pills too, to add insult to injury. I did find a couple of percale sets at Linens 'n' Things just before they went under, and loved them, but I have been looking for ages for more and I am desperate. At least it is good to know I am not alone.

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i've been trying to find an acceptable replacement for my Wamsutta Supercale sheets for over 15 years now, with very poor results. I have a real "princess & the pea" type syndrome, only my issue is SMOOTHness. All modern sheets feel like burlap next to my skin. The closest I've found to my beloved (but starting to rip) wamsuttas are from Thomas Lee, their (his?) 100% cotton 500TC percale. They are NOT cheap (tho they are on sale right now, Sept 2012). You can request a swatch of the sheet material, & can even return the sheets within 90 days if you don't like them. I got a set then emailed a question to the company, and the owner himself called me about 1/2 an hour later; wonderful to do business with.

Garnet Hill has a good percale also, their hemstitched Supima cotton 300TC, and they also take returns --I've had outstanding experiences with their customer service.

I've got a TL set & a GH set that I'm washing --over & over & over, because both brands felt great until I washed 'em the first time, then we were back to burlap. The owner of TL (Tom himself?) told me they'd soften as they were washed. He was correct. He also said they'd be softer if I ironed them....Ha! Not in this lifetime am I going to iron sheets. The TL's got softer more quickly than the GH ones did.

I don't know if I'm a good judge of "crisp," but I think the GHs are a bit crisper than Tom's. His have gotten so smooth, they may well be worth the $$ for those like me who must have a high degree of smooth, without slickness.

btw, TL cotton sheets only come in white or ivory :-(. I hate white but am keeping them anyway; they are starting to feel GOOD!

Sometimes you can find the real thing on ebay or Etsy....I mean actual vintage Wamsutta Supercale or ultracale, still in the package, made back when they knew how to make good percale. I don't know how they'll work (if at all) on today's ridiculously deep mattresses; I've been sleeping on a futon pad on the floor since 1994.

Good luck, y'all!

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Ah the eternal quest - to find the perfect sheet! It ranks right up there with the perfect purse.

As the original poster on this thread I'd like to report that I found a cotton/polyester percale at Macy's - from good ole Martha Stewart. I bought a fitted sheet since my original Wamsutta top sheet and pillowcases were still serviceable. I've been using it for over a year and it's still fairly crisp - the only problem is that it's for a much deeper mattress than mine so I have to use the little clips to take up the excess fabric.

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Soft silky sheets drape around your body, and to me they feel ticklish. When we bought our king bed, the first set of sheets I bought for it were Deluxe Bloomingdales brand. Very soft and silky, and I couldn't sleep. My favorite source for cotton sheets is Pottery Barn. They are nice and crisp, not ticklish, not too noisy!

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bonnie, your message about the royal caribbean sheets got my attention...i googled and found that they do sell them...they are lovely....i'm very tempted...i have a full size bed in one of my bedrooms that needs new linens, i think their set (including duvet cover) is a steal

Here is a link that might be useful: Royal Caribbean Sheets

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i think i read the same thing about thread count not being a good indicator of quality....and if anything the lower thread counts would tend to be 'crisper'?

also, i also iron (embarrasses me to say this!)...i started ironing because my sheets come out so horribly wrinkled, so i started using faultless spray starch and ironing the pillows and about the top 25" of the top sheet, since i fold it over on top of my duvet...i realized after doing so that i got the 'crisp' factor i want, and the fautless has a 'fresh laundry' smell that is actually very nice!

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Has anyone tried the Ikea sheets? I picked up a pair of their 180 thread count sheet for $50ish the other day. I got them for an air mattress for the occasional guest. I washed them, and honestly they felt great, I can't believe they are only 180 thread count. They felt much crisper then sateen sheets. They don't have elastic all the way around, but I can deal with that. Oh, and only go to a 13" mattress.
I'm just curious if anyone else has used these, and do they last?

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Desert: Did you notice that the Royal Caribbean sheets are sateen? bonnie's post was from 2010 so they may have changed since then.

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DH and I just got back from a month in Europe which concluded with a Royal Caribbean Cruise (eastern Mediterranean..Rome, Sicily, Crete, Greece, and Turkey). Yes, the sheets were nice, but certainly not worth $240 for a full set. And they did wrinkle! Other than that the beds were horrible. They didn't look at all like the picture on the website that desert solitaire posted. The beds were actually what we used to call "roll-a-way" beds on lightweight metal box spring at all. Hard as a rock, with 3 hard, thick pads on top of the mattress to give the illusion of pillow top. The pads slid around, and would be half off the bed by morning. They didn't have fitted sheets, so the bottom sheet didn't stay tucked in and you woke up all tangled in the sheets. The duvet was just the same thick, hard mattress pad in a cover. It was stiff and slid off the bed during the night. We each had two pillows: one was a flat polyester pillow, the other shredded foam. Awful pillows!! Other than that the room was lovely, and we had a spectacular time!

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thank you for posting the pic of the sheets in 'real life' joyce...yes i agree....they don't look nearly as luxurious as was depicted on their website (go figure!)

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The best I've found so far are the Matouk Scallops from Neimen Marcus. They do wrinkle when you dry them but they are crisp and cool. My Wamsutta Supercale passed down from my mother are still hands down the best though!

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As for thread count - I am quite sure the Old Wamsutta cotton percale that so many of us loved was only 200 or 250. I have yet to find anything that compared. In the past I called a few times and emailed. Wamsutta could have been selling a lot of sheets if they continued.

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joyce_6333 - What ship were you on? We were on the Liberty of the Seas in Sep/Oct in the Mediterranean and loved the bed, duvet, pillows and sheets. They were not be what I call crisp (or a Sateen feel) but they sure were cool on the skin. We didn't have any problems with bedding lumping, falling off the bed, etc, and pretty sure the bottom sheet was a fitted, but may be wrong on that.

desert_solitaire - We also thought the set was a good deal and have considered ordering the King. Now I am wondering if perhaps we were just too tired to care what the bed felt like. LOL Of course, you have to remember that the set shown on the bedding website is brand new, while the set shown in our staterooms has had many washings after hundreds of passengers have sat on, napped on, packed on, put sunscreen on, slept in the beds, and anything else that may be happening on top of those beds. The set is not going to look very good in our photos.

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I suppose that what we consider "crisp" may differ from person to person, but some years ago I made a concerted effort to find the cool, crisp sheets with just the feel I wanted. I tried every kind of cotton, all different thread counts, etc., without success. Then I remembered that I used to buy percale sheets that I remembered being cool and crisp. I started looking for percale sheets and found some inexpensive sheets that were a cotton/poly blend. I cringed at the idea of polyester in my sheets, but when I felt the sheets they seemed like they might be what I was looking for, so I took a chance and bought them----and loved them! There are some sheets labeled "percale" that are 100% cotton, and they don't have the same feel. Likewise, I have found some sheets that were NOT labeled "percale," but were a cotton-poly blend that fulfill my idea of the perfect cool and crisp sheets. Surprisingly, I've even found some inexepnsive sheets (Target and/or K-Mart, I believe) that suit me. In fact, it seems easier to find the cotton-poly blend these days in less expensive stores. That's what worked for me, YMMV.

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We also buy Matouk sheets in percale cotton, and Peacock Alley also makes a sturdier twill cotton sheet that is very smooth and cool--- but I've found that both of these feels best when ironed. Luckily we have a HK who actually loves to iron. It it was up to me it would never happen.

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These 800 thread count sheets are real nice. They wash up nice as well with very few wrinkles and are crisp. They are meant to be sateen but do not seem like sateen. My mattress is deep and these have very deep pockets.

Here is a link that might be useful: nice quality sheets on sale

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I gave up on my search for cool, crisp percale sheets that wouldn't be a wrinkled mess and bought some sheets at Costco. They are great! Even though they are sateen, they are cool, if not crisp, and they come out of the dryer with very few wrinkles. Even better, they are a bargain at $40 for a queen set with 4 pillowcases!

    Bookmark   November 27, 2012 at 3:23PM
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And I thought I was the only one in the entire world who likes crisp, cool sheets! I even....shudder....starch and iron our top sheet and pillow cases in order to achieve the desired crispness. I simply cannot sleep w/soft sheets which drape around my neck and shoulders....blech!We were gifted w/a sheet set used and sold by The Ritz Carlton a few years ago and I can't stand them. No amount of starch seems to achieve the crispness I like. I agree w/above thoughts that the higher the thread count the softer and less body the sheets have.

Great thread and I'm appreciative of the info provided:)

    Bookmark   November 27, 2012 at 4:15PM
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I have recently found sheets that I feel are very much like the old chrisp sheets. They are the "shabby chic" sold by Target. Not too expensive and the best I have found. They do wrinkle but so did the old ones. My mother used to send the sheets to the laundry so they came back cool and smooth. Heaven....

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Just ordered my 2nd set from Vermont Country Store. Crisp!

    Bookmark   January 5, 2013 at 9:35AM
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I was just re-reading this thread in anticipation of purchasing new sheets, and wondering if anyone has any new recommendations to add.

I recently slept at my sister's house who had sheets which had belonged to my parents. They are a few years old but still nice and crisp. They were JCP's (only info on tag was 100% cotton), but I was unable to find the exact same sheets when I stopped by the other day.

TIA for iny new recommendations:)

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I'm a major fan on Thomas Lee, though they are wildly expensive for a pauper such as myself. But yikes, they are crisp & smooth! (But they only get really smooth after a number of washings).
And the TL customer service is really, mindbogglingly awesome. I've had the company owner call me at least twice, minutes after I've emailed queries to the company. This guy TRULY believes in taking care of his customers, better than literally any other company I've ever dealt with.
You can get free swatches of their cotton sheet material, also. It's heavenly. Just, for heavens sakes, if you have a cat, keep every square inch of your sheets covered at all times!! I missed a tiny section one day, and have a decorative pattern of tiny holes in my wonderful fitted sheet which costs about what my car's worth (okay my car's a heap, but still....)
(I am not a TL person, just a curmdgeonette amazed that there's still a company that (A) makes great products & (B) actually takes pains to take care of its customers. Rarer these days than the dodo.

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The problem with the high count cotton bedding is that they wrinkle so badly. I iron the pillowcases but after one night they are a mass of wrinkles.

I have two sets of pillowcases from the 1980-90's that are soft and smooth and feel cool. (I save these for company) The label says 60-40 cotton/poly.

I always thought 100% cotton would be best but I was wrong. If I recall correctly I always tried to buy at least 200 count which was considered high at the time. Anything less was scratchy and coarse. I used 160 count for the boys' bunk beds. When the high count cotton sheets became available I couldn't wait to get them. What a huge disappointment.

The deep mattresses are ridiculous. Sometimes I think it was just a ploy to make our sheets unusable.

    Bookmark   March 26, 2013 at 5:15PM
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Subrosa: The quality of cotton varies all over the place and unfortunately the thread count is often deliberately deceptive. I stopped using poly/cotton decades ago when we moved to the South; it just doesn't breathe and becomes too warm imo. I think that better quality cotton was easier to come by in the 80's and 90' (and 70's) and the thread counts were less deceptively "creative". Today, even though we're in a very different climate, I still look for good quality 100% cotton sheets, usually not less than 350 thread count. I find anything over 350 isn't necessarily more comfortable. I've spent more money on higher thread count and have often been disappointed. And I avoid if I can any piping or sewn on embellishments, which always seems to pull tight and look awful after washing/drying.
And Yes! What is the reason for deep mattresses. Making the bed becomes an aerobic work out or else the sheets are sooo deep that they won't stay neat and taut. The best sheets I've purchased were in 1998 at the Eddie Bauer Home Store. They were cool, ironed beautifully and lasted forever. We don't have one close by, so I can't comment on current quality (or even if there is a home store anymore).
If I find the perfect sheets, I will post!

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I am old enough to know that there is a better product than the Egyptian cotton. There are not enough threads in those sheets to make them compare to the old-fashioned 180 count percale. The ladder of quality is percale, poplin, muslin. No large count of Egyptian cotton is going to compare, they are not smooth, they are wrinkled, they are scratchy..why buy them? Also want them wrinkle free. The marketing that has gone into the Egyptian is crazy! Why? Where can one find wrinkle free, 180 count percale in sets at a reasonable cost? We have been scammed by a good marketing campaign and company buyers who are clueless as to what is quality.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Totally agree, Jmedl.

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There's another "crisp sheet thread" on this forum somewhere. After reading so many good reviews about how wonderful Thomas Lee sheets were, I ended up ordering a pair of their pillow cases to try. The quality is good as far as they are made well and the fabric is not thin, but in my opinion they are NOT crisp or cool or soft. I washed them twice and then even ironed them to see if that would help (using water/steam but no starch) . . . and I never iron my sheets or pillow cases!. But, what I ended up with is a very expensive pair of cream colored pillow cases that I can't sleep on comfortably. I've tried sleep on mine for the past three nights, but no more. I wonder if they'll refund my money? I'm glad that many GWers are happy with their Thomas Lee sheets. I'm just not one of them.

    Bookmark   September 22, 2013 at 5:44PM
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I've started hanging my sheets out on a clothesline. They feel like they've been ironed! MUCH better than using the dryer.

I realize that a lot of people can't do that, for various reasons, but it's an alternative to sending them out :)

I was (am) a Thomas Lee convert, but my fitted sheet developed a tear. Not sure if it was my laundering, my toenails, or what. I was really disappointed, though, because my less expensive sheets took over 10 years to have something like that happen.
I just ordered a new fitted from the One Kings Lane sale, because they are the only ones that keep me cool. I haven't found anything to equal them, recently.

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L. L. Bean's 280 thread count percale sheets are very crisp, almost rough after the first wash. I recommend them

I ordered a Thomas Lee sample based on the reviews on Gardenweb and was disappointed that its did not feel crisp. Luckily I found the L. L. Bean sheets, which have the added advantage of fitting over a very think mattress (15 inches deep).

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Aw, I want smooth and cool. I don't like rough at all.

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Because I am incapable of learning, I ordered a set of Thomas Lee sheets with high hopes. My perceptions are similar to Lynn's. I guess to me they feel somewhat crisp. They snap out of the washer and rustle when you move, but I don't find them to be especially smooth, soft or cool.

I'm beginning to feel like the princess and the pea. So I think I'm going to leave the great sheet search alone for a while. I've got some perversely cozy flannels and it'll be time for them before too long. Besides, the Thomas Lee are nice. They're just not quite what I was hoping for.

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I just visited my mother and saw the Vermont Country Store catalog there. I'm linking some 100% percale sheets from their site. These are white, and sold per sheet, but they have others in patterns, sold by the set.

"These hard-to-find, old-fashioned 100% cotton percale sheets aren't treated with resin, which can irritate sensitive skin. We found these supremely soft sheets in Portugal from the same manufacturer who makes our traditional percale and flannel sheet sets. Hang on your clothesline to dry, or put in the dryer�"just be sure to remove them promptly for best results. 300 thread count. Open stock. Pillowcases are available in standard size and king size; 2 cases per package. Machine wash and dry. Imported."

Here is a link that might be useful: Open-Stock Resin-Free Sheets

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Darn! They don't come in Cal King for a fitted. Although, one review felt that their texture wasn't great.

    Bookmark   September 22, 2013 at 9:05PM
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Hm, after several non-endorsements as to the crispness of Thomas Lee sheets, I'm beginning to think that (despite my insane smoothness requirements) I don't 'get' what a crisp sheet is, & it's not part of my personal idiosyncratic requirement.
That said, it is still sometimes possible to get actual, original, vintage, unused Wamsutta Supercale sheets on ebay or etsy, which are the epitome of smooth & (?) crisp. Just, for heavens sake, if you get ANY sheets you like & have a Bravos washer, do NOT put the two together. That vile, evil, devil-spawned mangler of an excuse for an appliance will chew numerous little holes in them, & your blood pressure will red-line, resulting in cartoon-esque steam jets blasting out your ears.

    Bookmark   September 30, 2013 at 3:44PM
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Maxlet, you made me LOL!

My dryer is also spawned from a demon and all manner of items get caught, twist, and have a grease mark forever more.
I've started hanging my precious things on a line until the stupid thing croaks. I COULD buy a new one, but hate to spend hundreds of dollars on something that doesn't make me giddy. Thankfully, I live in the south where the temps are almost always warm enough for it. I've become infatuated with the feel of the sheets afterward, too.

    Bookmark   September 30, 2013 at 3:57PM
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I've never had any luck with sheets. I just can't afford really pricey ones. I just bought (after three years of going with mismatched sheet sets) a set at Target for almost $100, which kills me. It said Egyptian cotton and had a high count so I really thought I was getting something nice. In the past I've only spent $50 max...Got them home, washed and dried them. They are thick, scratchy and SUPER wrinkly. I mean REALLY wrinkly. I am appalled. And I am stuck with them, too. I can't justify spending any more. Not yet.

    Bookmark   September 30, 2013 at 5:35PM
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sameboat: If you have your receipt or put the sheets on a credit/debit card and it's been less than 90 days, you can probably return to Target. It's worth a try!

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I like to hang dry when possible, too (though in coastal Oregon, that's pretty much never). Unfortunately, that vile machine was a washer! We finally dumped it on Craigslist. Aargh!


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I came across this post while searching the net about what is wrong with today's sheets. I miss my grandmothers sheets and the Wamsutta Percale (or supercale) sheets I bought in the 90's. Does anyone remember Ralph Lauren's Cotton sheets with the green label? They were crisp, cool and had that velvety smooth feel with each wash. Also had those fine little wrinkles in them. I keep buying and failing miserably at finding the sheets I loved. Glad I am not the only one with this obsession!

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I was looking around in a pricey linen store and overheard the clerk telling a customer, "The Egyptian cotton sheets are really nice but many customers don't want to have to iron their sheets".

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I think the ULTIMATE QUESTION is: with such a huge longing/need/demand for crisp, cool sheets, WHY hasn't Springmaid Wamsutta or some other sheet producer just create a new line of sheets using the old, tried-and-true formula? They'd make a fortune for themselves and make a lot of us very happy.

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I recently bought Pottery Barn organic cotton sheets and they are pretty crisp, I love them.

    Bookmark   November 26, 2013 at 9:38AM
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I won't get into the "crispness" debate, because I think the feel of sheets is very subjective, and because y'all know I love my RH pure linen sheets. BUT -- with regard to quality of sheets, I know that Consumer Reports has been lamenting the quality of our sheets for years. I know some people don't like, CR, but here's what they say FWIW:

Consider this a wake-up call to bedding makers: Very few of the queen-size sheets we tested performed well enough for us to recommend, and two of those were expensive enough that we suggest using coupons or waiting until they go on sale before buying. As for the others, our tests and reporting revealed a litany of problems:

Some fitted sheets easily ripped or came apart at the seams in our strength tests, and some could tear from just a heavy cat's claws.
Other sets had fitted sheets that popped off the corners of mattresses they claimed to fit or flat sheets that fell short on the sides of the bed.
Some wrinkle-free sheets didn't live up to their name.
One company's sets had mismatched colors.
Environmental claims were sometimes dubious. The Federal Trade Commission has told retailers to stop labeling and advertising rayon textiles as eco-friendly bamboo. Once the plant fiber is processed, it's rayon, not bamboo. Plus the processing uses toxic chemicals that emit hazardous air pollutants during manufacturing. Three sheet sets we tested claim to be bamboo but should be labeled as rayon or a rayon/cotton blend.

Recommended percale sheets are:
L.L. Bean Pima cotton percale, Land's End supima percale, Martha Stewart (Macy's), and Pottery Barn banded hemstich (all with scores 69-71).

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I was in Sears last week and the lady in front of me was buying Cannon Percale sheets. I am going to try them next time I need sheets. Some of my favorite are vintage Percale and only 250 thread count.

    Bookmark   November 26, 2013 at 2:53PM
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I must be a low-thread-count person, as it's the only way I perceived smooth/crisp sheets. I reach into every zipped package at Macy's (where I've been buying sheets for years that don't break the bank) and everything feels slimy or overly soft. I've never ironed sheets. I'm beginning to suspect the sheets I love aren't 100% cotton, but the labels are so faded I can't tell anymore.

Call me cheap, but I don't want to spend $100 on a set of queen sheets. But maybe I need to reevaluate my priorities.

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All of my crisp Wamsutta Supercale sheets are either 60/40 cotton/poly or 50/50 cotton/poly. I'm pretty sure the thread count is 250.

I have 8 sets - 5 at home and 3 at our vacation place. I rotate them weekly and several of them are over 20 years old. I have replaced the worn out elastic on a couple of the fitted sheets. But I am shocked that they haven't pilled, they're not threadbare and the colors still look good. The printed set has faded a good bit.

Some of the 600 or 800 thread count fitted sheets that I've bought have actually worn out.

I do have a set of Martha Stewart cotton/poly percale from Macy's that I like too.

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I remember my Wamsutta set was only 200/250 in the early 90', but I cannot remember the blend.

This post was edited by flutter33 on Sat, Dec 6, 14 at 13:05

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WalMart has a 60/40 cotton blend 250 thread count that sounds too good to be true. Reviews are good. Has anyone bought their Mainstay line? Under $30 for queen set? Wow!

Here is a link that might be useful: WalMart Mainstay sheets

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Vermont Country Store once again has their Clothesline Crisp Sheet Sets available again. Bought two and waiting for a third to be delivered. They're the best I've found so far.

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I was also surprised some years ago to find that the percale sheets, with some polyester with the cotton, were cool, crisp, smooth, and didn't need to be ironed. I bought some high end sheets (without polyester), as well as some from K-Mart (cotton polyester mix) and, surprisingly, the K-Mart sheets met my criteria more than the high end and a number of years later they are still super comfortable and wearing well. They may have been Martha Stewart or Jaclyn Smith sheets, but I really don't remember. I don't know whether there are any K-Mart stores left or whether they still have the percale sheets, but my experience was good (and I saved money!).

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