Buyer remorse

MTiangSeptember 25, 2013

I just paid the deposit and signed the contract to purchase our first house, with 5 days cooling off period. It was excited on first day as the house is at the good suburb and good street where the kids can walk to a good Local school. indeed it was a hot buy where many people are interested in the house too. We managed to get it with help of buyer agent. But the following 3 nights I woke up at 2 - 3 am every night, could not get back to sleep, heart beating fast, and kept asking myself am I making the right choice.

This is an expansive house for me, want to assure myself it has good feng shui. But the more I read about feng shui, the more worry and concern I have, like the tree in front of house, the front door etc. feeling uneasy. Not sure whether I should proceed with the purchase or just forgo the few thousand deposit and some fees incurred?...

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If you like the schools and the neighborhood, don't worry about it.

The "feng shui" of the house can be fixed: after you buy it, remove the tree, add mirrors or whatever you feel it needs ...

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& buyer's remorse is pretty normal.

It's sort of like getting engaged & being elated & then waking up in the middle of the night panic-stricken, thinking wildly, "What have I *done*???"

You get over it & get married & have fun.

so take 2 M&Ms tonight & get some sleep!

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We like the neighborhood and the lefty street, like say, go ahead and get a feng shui master to help instead of mere reading and get confused.
Decision day tomorrow...hope can get over it.

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Sylvia is right, buyer's remorse is normal.

We have bought 6 houses, and believe me every one, I have said "What have we done", within a day or two of signing the contract, within a day or two of going to settlement, and within a day or two of moving in.

Take a deep breath.

I used to have a lot of those sleepless nights. I would try to tell myself to "think happy thoughts". Think about a vacation you took, or are planning to take. Picture yourself there with no worries. You will go back to sleep quicker.

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robo (z6a)

I think a feng shui consultation will help you manage the house. You would have seen major problems with feng shui right away so the fact you liked and felt comfortable with the house means you'll be able to fix the smaller things.

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For hundreds of years people in America have been buying houses and they never knew of Feng shui, bet your own parents did. A tree in front of a home is a beautiful thing. Buying in to an idea that there's only one way is closing the door to creating your own home with your own stamp. Let it go and relax, you made the right choice.

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Here is a real story. In the late 90s, I had a coworker whose parents moved to this country and signed a purchase contract for a house about $200K. Her mother felt unsettling, and decided the house had bad "Feng Shui". She then backed out of the contract and lost $20K deposit.

Today the same house is worth more than half million dollars because the neighborhood is extremely popular. Not too shabby an investment for a house with bad Feng Shui.

Here is another angle to see Feng Shui.

For thousand years many people who live in places with best Feng Shui where everything is placed at right spot, and each structure faces right orentation. Do those people also experience death, illness and misfortunes in life like everyone else? Yes, they do too. It tells you how useful the idea of Feng Shui is.

You now need to find a good home inspector to identify any issue of this house. It is one hundred times more important than reading Feng Shui books or hiring a Feng Shui master.

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Feng Shui does have some placebo effect. If you are a strong believer, perhaps consult a Feng Shui master about potential remedies for the things you are concerned with.

I also want to say that you will probably never find a house that complies with all the Feng Shui rules. I mean, even if you buy your own lot, and build on it from scratch, you wouldn't get a house with perfect Feng Shui, because there is no such thing as a perfect lot to begin with.

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Only you can make your self happy and content and at peace.
It won't come from chopping down a tree or a front door facing the "correct" direction.

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Donald Trump has purchased real estate which was a horrible investment and has had to file bankruptcy on some of his assets (remember he owned a football team). It is normal to doubt a house, huge stock investment, etc. I don't believe in sixth sense powers or feeling as most big $$$ decisions are a gamble and you only hope you made the right decisions before you get into it.

Sometimes the risk of something leads to the best pay off vs. the conservative route.

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