Painting outside metal door

veesuboteeMarch 23, 2010

About a year ago, I had my front entrance (metal door w/frame and sidelights) replaced by a big-box store. It came with primer applied. The primer coat seemed rather light (thin); not like other primers I have used.

I had the unit professionally painted. He used 5 coats of a latex-based Rustoleum paint (I purchased it; he approved)to properly cover the primer.

Shortly thereafter, noticed some small chips around the locksets. Within a few months, I noticed that the paint was forming bubbles which were separating from the door, and has gotten progressively worse through the winter.

I notice that the (original) primer is still visible where the paint has pulled away--like the paint never 'bonded' with the primer.

I want to remove the paint, with a heat gun, apply new primer over the original primer, then top coat with sufficient paint to cover.

As mentioned, this is a metal door. Of interest, the sidelights (same primer) was painted with latex paint and has held up just fine.

I'm looking for recommendations for primer and paint. Also, any tips regarding removal of old paint and applying new paint.



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Most house paint is designed to cover wood or wood products.

Metal doors move too much during temperature changes to allow house paint to adhere long term.

I'd get the old paint off and have automotive paint applied.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

He used 5 coats of a latex-based Rustoleum paint

5 coats?? That is way too much paint and most likely the problem, also not primimg first. The factory primer is worthless

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Sorry for not getting back sooner; had to leave area for a while.

The installation was a replacement for an existing metal door.

I agree that the 'factory' priming was worthless; you could almost see through it. The 5 coats were applied in order to completely cover the primer. Interestingly, where the paint has peeled, it appears to be quite thin and flexible: like it didn't harden. I will be looking for a new paint. I had been using Varathane and painted the door every few years. The Depot discontinued carrying it. Never had a problem.

I was hoping you might be able to offer a recommendation on primer--at least the type.



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Go to a real paint store, Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore or equivalent.

Tell the clerk the problem. See what they recommend.

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