Rustoleum Booboo...How to Fix?

springleringMarch 14, 2011

I am renovating a little cottage, and pulled the floor vents out, cleaned them up, and spray painted them with Rustoleum.

They looked like brand new. I left them to dry in the sun for two or three hours, flipped them over, and sprayed the bottoms.

Let 'em dry for an hour, flipped them back upright, and used the last of the paint to give the top another coating. After 15 minutes, the paint started to craze and crackle. I tried wiping one of them off, and made a mess.

Is there some kind of solvent I can use to wipe down the tops to try again? Undersides look fine.

Don't want to toss them because the house is so old, they aren't standard sizes, and replacements will be HTF and pricey.

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Look on the can and see what they recommend for cleanup...probably either paint or lacquer thinner. When you sprayed them, did you spray over a previous finish (which may have been incompatible with what you used)?

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would like to redo metal cabinet doors and paint over existing paint on walls ,trim on walls is RED . I want to cover it with a lighter color. would like to use a paint with primer in it on both the walls and trim

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The first layer was not completely cured when you applied the second coat.

As the second layer cured it pulled on the still soft first layer and the first layer crazed.

Stripping both layers back to bare metal is the only real fix at this point.
The first layer may take a long time to cure, or never cure, depending on if the finish is a polymerizing type (hardens by chemical reaction to form a different molecule - varnish type finishes) or a solvent release type (hardens by the solvent evaporating only - shellac or lacquer).

Most of the RustOleum spray paints appear to be solvent release, so they can be stripped with the 'clean up' solvent (and some elbow grease).
Once a polymerizing finish cures it is not very (if any) soluble in the 'clean up' solvent.

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I suspect that is one of the sprays you have to recoat within an hour or after 24 hours. If you coat within the hour, the layers fuse chemically. After that, you have to wait for the first coat to cure before spraying the 2nd coat. You could test a leveling automobile primer if the crazing is minimal and then coat again. Read the instructions carefully. Good luck!

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