Which granite should I pick - Ivory Fantasy, Saturnia or other

CrystalCPMMarch 19, 2013

I have light maple cabinets, natural oak hardwood floors, wheat tile backsplash that has a bit of brown (see picture - sorry its not great quality and its tilted by 90 degrees)

I am about to replace my builder grade formica countertop with granite.

I am considering Ivory Fantasy - this will blend in with my back splash and the rest of the light colored decor - will it be too pale or boring?

the other granite I loved was staurnia - that is going totally the other way with something dark in the otherwise light kitchen. The granite will pop! But will that be too loud?


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How about pictures of the granite?

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Here is a picture of the Ivory Fantasy against my back splash - picture tilted sideways for some reason...I am unable to get a sample of the saturnia but will try to get a photo from the web that looks closest

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here is one slab that looks close to what I saw for saturnia

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Pretty. Make sure to bring home a sample of the granite and test it by putting oil on one place, acid such as lemon juice on another, and maybe some crushed berries on another spot. Leave the stuff on overnight to see if it stains, spots or etches.

Did you email the photos out of an iphone?

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Thanks. I brought some unsealed samples of Ivory Fantasy and they did very well. I am unable to get samples for the other granite - but am assured that oil and stains will not be an issue.

Yes - these are iPhone photos. I will get some better pictures. The granites I have picked will probably both look good - but one blends with the back splash the other contrasts. In an otherwise light colored kitchen, maybe the contrast will look good....

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I like the Saturnia. It's bolder, more interesting and I love the contrast. I think that the ivory fantasy with the pale cabinets makes for too much blonde in one room. It matches, but feels kind of blah. I went with the Magma Gold in my kitchen and I love it. I am of the mindset that if you are going to pay for granite, then get GRANITE. Make it bold and make a statement with it! :) Good luck to you in your search!

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