Calling Marble Backsplashers, please

rjr220April 1, 2010

I am in lust with this Sarah Richardson kitchen backsplash (thank you amyrsq)

My question is to all the current marble backsplashers -- do you have a problem with etching? Do you get "drops" or sprays of an etch pattern say, if you are juicing a lemon?

Did you seal or treat the BS in any way?

Just wondering. I found 12 X 35 carrera tiles today that are gorgeous and affordable -- I love this backsplash and hope that it will complement my Black Venata -- Thanks!

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Would you be able to share the source of your tiles, or was it a local store. I'm starting to consider something like this as well!

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A local store has it, but here are the details:
Made by porcelanosa: website below.

12" x 35"
Mármol Carrara Blanco
P34702781 · G-P073

17" x 17" (floor tile)
Mármol Carrara Blanco P-R
P14590221 · G-P061-1

My local store quoted a price of 14.50/sf for the 12 x 35, and is checking on the price for the 17 x 17. I was thinking that the 17 x 17, cut into 5 x 15, might mimic the eye candy above.

If you download their general catalog, these products are on page 103. It's beautiful to see.

Here is a link that might be useful: carrara source

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I had a polished carerra subway tile backsplash. No problems at all, and I am a slob.

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I have honed calacutta, very small rectangular tiles. No problems so far but it's only been a couple of months. Not sealed.

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Thanks rjr! I actually have a tile sample i need to pick up from Porcelanosa, so i'll have to take a look at this. I wonder if the tiles they send would fit together in a pattern as they appear to in the PDF.

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I have a honed calacatta marble backsplash - it is sealed and I reseal it 2x a year. ZERO problems with it. I was a little concerned that the white grout would yellow but that was simply an unfounded worry.

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Thank you KC, Sabjimata, and lagrant -- your kitchens are the reason that made me reconsider marble as a backsplash, and then amy posted the above picture and I knew I had to look at it more.

Sabjimata, I hope that the house up north sells soon! and that your plans for your kitchen in Gator country materialize soon! Hopefully Josh will be here just about this time next month putting in our counters. Next month!

mahlgold -- I've loved some of your choices in the past -- the Adko glass strips . . . . delicious.

Salesperson just called and good news -- the 17 x 17 is 8.99/sf. There were tilers there yesterday when I was there at the store and they said there would be no difficulty cutting either size of the tile

Porcelanosa has some beautiful metal tiles that would look good in the pattern above -- they have some beautiful products. So many beautiful things, so little money, time . . .

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Sorry if I'm hi-jacking.....
Do any of the marble backsplashers care to share their grout color choices???? I have calacatta 3/4x3/4 squares, I'm leaning toward snow white (one step less white than bright white).


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rjr - please keep me posted on your decision. Have you picked the tile inserts yet? I'm going to try and get up to Porcelanosa Monday or Tuesday. I'm thinking this backsplash might give me the "modern and traditional" mix that I've been looking for.

Just you know if these tiles are really marble or a porcelain "look alike"? Only reason I'm asking is it seems they do alot of porcelain copies.

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These are actually Carrara marble. It is quieter than the marble in the inspiration photo, but that is OK but me -- I don't want it to complete with the soapstone veining.

I'm shooting for a mix of the modern and traditional as well, but yet something that isn't too trendy. If I am recalling correctly, you have wood cabs as well with darker counters, so we have more in common than with the inspiration photo. I've seen your previous choices and liked them all!

If you download the Porcelanosa catalog (take my advice, save it on your harddrive, you'll keep going back to it), the accents that I keep going back to are on p. 158, the Nomad glass series (the jewel reminds me of the inspiration photo), Acero on p. 159: I especially like the 1 x 1's and the mini metal subways; p. 161 the Black/Gray Glacier mosaics; and finally -- what really draws my eye is on p. 169 -- the strips: both the black and the mixed steel strips just seem to catch my eye, but I don't know if it would be too contemporary for what we have going.

Let us know which way you're going -- my kitchen isn't even demo'd yet!

By the way, the store I'm dealing with does happen to be a national chain: Carpets Plus Colortile.

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Thanks rjr! That catalog is a bear to look thru! I actually have a Porcelanosa store 1/2 hour from me, so that's where I'm getting my samples from. I'll take take a look at the accent pieces you suggested. The cabs and counter on the backsplash wall are both black, so i've been looking for something that would work with the black counter without looking too stark. I actually have carrera on the island. I'll keep you posted.

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I have to shamefully hang my head and apologize. It is porcelain . . . . but it's beautiful porcelain. However, if you have the real thing in your kitchen, it may not compare. If I would have known that, there would have been no reason for this thread!

And the acela metal is out of my reach, $100/sf. The others are much more reasonable for trim.

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No problem!! I sort of had a feeling, but you never know. I'm going to take a look at it anyway. I'm also thinking of looking at their large format glass tiles and maybe doing white glass(instead of the marble) with a mixed mosaic.

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I used a grout that was white but not Brite White (don't remember name). To be honest, I wish I used a light gray because I liked the look of the grout better when it was wet than when it dried. But we are no longer in that house, so definitely not a biggie;)

RJR, that backsplash you pictured is amazing. I think it will go well with your soapstone. We didn't seal the tile, because it was polished, and had no problem with it. There was a problem with the grout. On the advice of our tile man, we did not seal the grout. Mistake. It got stained a little from some splattered fresh milk. The fat from the milk seeped into the side of the tile and then caused a dark spot on the marble from the *inside.*

We applied an ammonia poultice, which greatly reduced the spot and then sealed the grout. We were total newbies to the world of backsplashes, so we really didn't know.

I am going to email Joshua now to see when he will be back in Florida. I think I am going to need that sink fabricated soon!

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Mahlgold -- hope you're following this thread still -- I was at a Carpet One store today (I think they're franchised) and found a 6 x 12 marble tile that is called Casa Bianco. It's from A & A Global supply -- I tried to get the website for a link, but it only comes up in turkish . . . . They have a lovely concept board, so if you have a local Carpet one, you may be interested.

Also, have you seen Daltile's Stone al a mod? I had seen it months ago online -- saw it IRL at Carpet one and it's really stunning, IMHO -- totally different from the SR inspiration, but I really like the Contempo White Wedge: it's a 2 x 3 white subway, kind of. I've mocked up a paper copy of it and have it taped up next to my sample slab and like it.

And Sabjimata -- thanks about the grout color. I was thinking that a gray would be lovely for the Daltile wedge.
Oh my, my ADD is certainly becoming apparent when I look at backsplashes. So many pretty, shiny, sparkly solid surfaces to distract me . . . .

Here is a link that might be useful: stone a la mod

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rjr - thanks for the info. I do have a Carpet One in the next town over so I'll give them a call and see if they have that marble sample.

"At the moment", I'm leaning towards a larger format tile since I have a full wall backsplash to do. But that's always subject to change!! The Stone a la mod is really nice. I think it might be a little too contemporary for what I'm looking for.

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I have an Ann Sacks Herringbone calcutta marble inset (with soapstone counters) It is a box out and also has a marble shelf. I sealed it with 511 and have had no problems at all. Here is the link to see it. I love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marble Box Out Backsplash with Marble Shelf

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Called a couple of Carpet One's in my area and none of them carry tile. Oh to Porcelanosa.

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willow decor, love your tile backsplash and the niche.. might need to steal idea!

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Part of my problem is I'm not quite sure what category my kitchen design is going to end up being termed. We have a 1970's brick ranch that we put wood and tile floor down in, I have Stickley and other mission style furniture, but we didn't want to over "missionize" the kitchen. I've admired the aspects that I've seen here and put together what we like, and what will be functional -- have decided on Birch Shaker doors, the soapstone. Stages 45 and the Grohe K4 . . . . guess after the major aspects are in I'll have to post the kitchen with my options for backsplash and and let y'all guide us as to whether we're contemporary or gypsy or traditional or Willie Wonka crazy (I don't think traditional). I think what I've chosen is going to come together . . . it's that age old question: is it going to look good together?

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Went to Porcelanosa today. Loved the "carrara" in person. They had it installed over a bathroom vanity, so similar size as to what I would be doing. After seeing it in person, i feel I could just do the tiles alone, or add in a line of glass tiles. Unfortunately, they weren't very helpful with design suggestions. Should I decided to add in a border tile, I'd definitely go elsewhere. My only concern is that the tile isn't really a carrara pattern, it's actually more of a statuary marble pattern, which is slightly less blotchy than what I have on my island. I'm just not sure if they work together. I think I'll start a new post. I'd actually decided against marble on the wall because I thought it would be dreary, but the large format tiles, make it appear more modern to my eye.

BTW...this tile now also comes in a 12X18. It is ceramic. They did not recommend the floor tile for the wall as the floor tile is porcelain. Not really sure why that wouldn't be ok for the wall.

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mahlgold -- so, they have this same faux marble carrara statuary marble pattern in a ceramic in a 12 x 18 that they are recommending -- did they give you a SF price on it?

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We have slab calacatta backsplash (and countertops, too) and after two years have not had a problem. We are serious cooks (read: messy) with lots of spattering happening behind the cooktop and so far so good! When they were installed I sealed the hell out of them with Porous Plus but I've been pretty lax about it since then -- I think maybe I've resealed once??? I'm also pretty lazy about our countertops but they still look gorgeous!

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rjr - they didn't give me a price because apparently it's brand new and she didn't have pricing yet. I think they quoted me $12.75 sq/ft for the larger tile.

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