Help needed with chair cushions

artydecorJune 27, 2013

Recently bought this rocker-glider from a thrift. It had cushions on it that must have been replacements, since they didn't fit well. Can anyone help me with the type of cushions this chair would have had originally?
It's very heavy solid wood, done in a rustic style. I have no idea how old it is, but it's very well constructed and I would think 50s or 60s, if not older. I thought the wood was oak, but now am wondering walnut?
I've googled images for rocker-gliders, but most of them are nursery chairs and don't look anything like this.

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It looks like it could be maple. My parents had similar chairs in the rec room at one point, but not gliders. There were separate cushions for seat and back.

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here is a similar one

Here is a link that might be useful: Dutailier Wood Glider

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It's a dutailier and they sell replacement cushions. Once in a while you can find them on Ebay.

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Elraes Miller

As Cyn said, just a couple of cushions. Does the chair open up with a foot rest? Just curious.

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No footrest. It could be maple, but the color seems deeper and there is a bit of a grain. I'll have to do some googleing on identifying wood. Any ideas on how old it may be? It's all solid wood, no laminates.

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My parents had a chair similar to that. Both the seat cushion and the back cushion were quite thick, like sofa cushions would be. In fact, the seat cushion may have had some springs or something in it. I really don't remember exactly, but I have that impression. I believe the bottom cushion was a box-cushion shape, and the back cushion was a mockbox like the picture here:

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I used to have one many years ago. 50's or 60's is a close approximate of age, since I got married in 1959, and bought the chair shortly after that new from a furniture store. bbstx is correct, it had the box cushions on it, and was very comfortable. I dont remember anymore either, but, I really think it had springs in the seat cushion. It is a bit larger than the ones that are sold currently as nursery chairs, and had much thicker cushions. Mine was maple.

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